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Derek Zoolander is back and he's dumber than ever. After retiring from the fashion business and losing his son to child services back in 2001 he's back with Hansel to find his son and put an end to an evil scheme forged by the villainous Mugatu.

The sequel to the cult classic film Zoolander is one that no one was really asking for but one that has been marketed pretty well and looked to be a fun return to the highly surreal world of models and fashion, but Zoolander 2 falls short of its predecessor's charm, wit and likability by being just a little bit too stupid.

Ben Stiller is back as one his most iconic characters and he certainly slips back into the shoes of Derek Zoolander with ease, sadly the same can't be said for his effort behind the camera as Zoolander 2 is kind of a mess. Whilst there are moments of humor, nothing hit in a major way and most of the jokes fall flat. Zoolander 2 also relies on way too many cameos, and not even fun ones such as Benedict Cumberbatch playing a transgender model named All. A lot of the cameos are just celebrities playing themselves in random locations such as Katy Perry and Neil DeGrasse Tyson randomly appearing in Rome for no apparent reason.

Owen Wilson as Hansel is great and he's one of the best things about the film but he's sorely underused which is a huge shame because he definitely had some of the best moments. Will Ferrell is back as the scheming Mugatu who escapes fashion jail with a ridiculous escape plan and plans to take back over the world of fashion, he doesn't enter the picture for a while but he has some funny moments when he does. But it's Kristen Wiig as Alexanya Atoz, a model with so much Botox injected into her face and a strange European accent that every other word is almost a mystery, she also never touches the ground and appears to be floating. She's a strange character for sure but Wiig actually managed to pull off some funny moments, it's a shame that her character doesn't really stem past the one joke of her being hard to understand.

The plot of the first Zoolander film was rather original, a model who is brain washed into killing the Prime Minister of Malaysia. But the plot to Zoolander 2 isn't as interesting or funny, it's about Derek trying to reconnect with his son and it never really interested me, it's mainly the situations and the characters that kept me watching rather than the story.

Zoolander 2 isn't the abomination that many critics are saying it is, it's a forgettable film for sure but one with a few laughs and some funny performances, I'd recommend missing this one and heading out to see Deadpool this weekend instead.

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