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Tell me, do you bleed? Well, it appears as if Batman's opponents in the final trailer for Warner Brothers' Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice sure will. From Arkham Knight-like combat in the first thirty seconds that made us think square, square, triangle (or whatever buttons X-Box people mash,) to Superman's presence being lit up by the gleaming headlights of the Batmobile, there's no doubt some skeptics may have finally shut their mouth. The clash of fists between DC's most famous characters probably gave you the same look on Superman's face.


With that being said, let us begin.

Batman's Combat:

Did you see that? If you didn't, scroll up a couple swipes and just watch the beginning. Remind you of anything?

Well, the fighting parts looked familiar at least. With all the uproar of Batman being cast older in this movie, there were a lot of naysayers concerning how Batman would fight. Although Ben Affleck says "I'm getting slow in my old age Alfred," it doesn't seem if slow would be an appropriate description for that level of fighting. As brilliantly acted, directed, this, that , the other thing the Dark Knight Trilogy was, one could argue the combat as a little lacking. Will Batman vs Superman be superior to Christopher Nolan's trilogy? I would bet a good fortune of Bruce Wayne's fortune not. The combat however, that aspect of the film could possibly reign supreme and be the best thing about the movie. Straying slightly away from Batman, Superman doesn't look all too bad either. Behind that extravagant opening sequence, the next best thing would probably have to be Superman grasping out of thin air whatever Batman threw/shot towards his face.


With the extensive footage displayed in each of the trailers for this movie, coming out with some exceptional shots could only further help it. Allow me to elaborate.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D:

I think you get the point. This trailer was chock-full of money shots that really spiked excitement levels. If you thought that trailer three (you know, the one with Doomsday) disappointed you a little; made you worry, you're not alone. This trailer, however, more or less dismantled and overrode some of those negative thoughts and feelings following viewing the trailer three. This most recent one however, did its purpose. It was released as a device of turning up excitement levels for what's to come in the next month and a half. If none of your friends have seen any of the Batman v Superman trailers thus far, show them this one. Even if it's just for the point of seeing all the incredible shots' prevalence.

The First Three Words of the Title

The movie is called Batman v Superman for crying out loud. Sure we're looking forward to seeing the birth of the Justice League, but what everyone really wants to see Batman and Superman go toe-to-toe. While the other trailers show a couple of encounters here and there, the concept of the heroes dispute is held at the forefront of this one. At least half of this trailer is without a doubt excerpts of action sequences and the majority of them revolve around the opposition of our heroes in the field of battle. This two minute, twelve second trailer gave much more of a clear feel for what Batman and Superman's encounters are going to be like; arguably more so than the other trailers combined seven-plus minutes do.


Your thoughts on the final BvS trailer?


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