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[Marvel](tag:932254) continues to hit the jackpot with adapting their beloved comic book characters into big screen hits. With at least nine more movies planned for the next three years, I believe it is safe to say the superhero surge is not slowing down. With powerful names like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and the Hulk, we expect huge action sequences and fight scenes showcasing their unique powers. Stacking movies with exciting groups like the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy has no issue filling those theater seats. But is it possible the most interesting Marvel character is one who posses no super powers?

Peggy Carter made her first appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger as an agent with the Strategic Scientific Reserve, or SSR. She may have looked like 1940s pin up girl but it was instantly clear that she was just as strong as her male counterparts in the war. Agent Carter quickly became a love interest for Captain America but we unfortunately never saw their story unfold. After Marvel realized they found a unique gem in Agent Carter, they created a small screen adaptation to explore more of Peggy's history. The first season takes place in the post war era set in New York. Still working for the SSR, we see typical struggles for women in the 40s as Peggy is treated differently than her male counterparts. Being stuck with administrative duties, her determination and never-take-no-as-an-answer attitude to prove her worth. The first season follows her crazy adventures back as an agent on the field with her new partner in crime, Edwin Jarvis aka Howard Stark's butler. Of course the story centers on helping Howard because we all know the Stark family is a magnet for trouble. Along with popping up in a few other Marvel movies in flashbacks, we were gifted a second season of Agent Carter as Peggy travels to Los Angeles to help the SSR with atomic threats. So what makes this character so fun to watch you might ask?

1. Her Strength

Trained like a soldier, Peggy Carter can take out any threat which to her advantage in the 1940s, many men don't expect. She can go toe-to-toe with anyone and has no issues leading special missions. Her skills helped rescue the scientist from the grips of HYDRA and ultimately led to the creation of Project Rebirth which turned Steve Rogers into Captain America. You will never see Peggy Carter back down from a fight even if she is skillfully unmatched.

2. Her Wits

Peggy Carter originally worked as a codebreaker before making her way to the SSR. She often finds herself in trouble when working in the field as an agent. While most rely on their physical skills to get out of a jam, Peggy Carter uses her wits. She can use her quick thinking and intelligence to talk her way out of anything. Many times we see Peggy use a bunch of unique disguises to break her way into locations for research or special missions. Playing an innocent looking woman takes her off the radar when in reality she is the biggest threat.

3. Her Connections

With friends like Howard Stark and growing trust among fellow SSR agents, connections become a huge advantage fighting against powerful groups like HYDRA. We also had the pleasure of seeing Peggy lead the Howling Commandos on a big mission and it never hurts to see those guys on your side. Her most loyal sidekick would definitely be Jarvis. Their friendship is so entertaining as they are usually bickering or finding themselves in danger. Although only a butler, Jarvis is always there to help and would never turn his back on Peggy.

4. Her Fearlessness

Before the war, Peggy was living an ordinary life, a young woman engaged and ready to be married. It was not until her brother died in the war that she decided to help in the efforts. Her brother truly believed Peggy was meant to do more in life and that motivation led to the woman she became. Peggy knew the seriousness she was getting herself into but that never turned her away. As an agent on the field, she faced a multitude of opponents and never showed fear. Just as important is the difficulty she faced as a woman in that era trying to break the glass ceiling and do what she was hired to do. With the judgement surrounding her, Peggy never gave up. Losing her brother and Steve gave her the extra push she needed to become the best agent out there.

5. Her Style

Peggy Carter is not only a physical threat but a style icon. She can spend so much time taking out villains and HYDRA agents and still look flawless doing so. Always equipped in heels and red lipstick, her 1940s style is amazing. Peggy knows how to use her looks to her advantage and never disappoints especially in that Los Angeles noir inspired second season of Agent Carter.

Marvel did an awesome job giving Peggy Carter the credit she deserves. She is an important puzzle piece in the Marvel world. With her involvement with creating Captain America, help forming SHIELD, and connection to Ant-Man, Peggy Carter has accomplished more than one might realize. A lot of the credit needs to go to actress Hayley Atwell who is seemingly born for the role of Peggy Carter. She brings a certain relatable quality that is rare these days. There is no question Atwell is a gorgeous woman but she is also not stick thin which I think is refreshing. Woman and young girls need an inspiring character who is also a fearless badass and that is exactly what Agent Peggy Carter brings to the Marvel Universe.

How do you think Peggy Carter squares up to other characters in the Marvel world??


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