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Family Guy may be funny at times but it can also be disturbing, cruel and bad at times

This show has been cancelled twice but yet it came back from the dead and is still airing new episodes today.

Why its bad

Family Guy has so many bad things it, no one likes or cares about Meg even if she killed herself, So many innocent people/animals have been killed not on accident, says that drugs like marjiuana, heroine and steroids are good for you. And then theres Peter. Don't even get me started on the freaking flashbacks!


Peter has done sooooooooo many terrible things throughout the show, killed a whale with a forklift, sue people who try to help them, killed sooooo many animals/people, bully Meg, fart on people and MORE.


Stewie is surprisingly smarter then his own times, he is a devilish baby with a British accent but funny at times. Stewie has also killed people..lot.


There is nothing really that wrong with Meg except she is constantly being bullied.


Chris, which is my first name (Random fact with no relation to the topic #1), is just a miniture Peter except he eats his boogers and rarely kills people.


Brian, the weed-addict dog who can tall and surprisingly smarter then all of the Griffins


She always has to put up with her idiot husband's antics and always has to her tell her how to fix


This show can be funny most of the time but this show makes fun of genders, race, religion, etc. This show has things like Jesus Christ and God KILLING people with GUNS


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