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"Zoolander 2 "is written and directed by Ben Stiller, and it also stars him in the role of male model Derek Zoolander, his classic role from the 2001 film, "Zoolander". The plot is that Zoolander and his friend Hansel McDonald (Owen Wilson) are assigned to find out why a bunch of famous models are being systematically assassinated with their corpses bearing Zoolander's "Blue Steel" look. Along the way, the due comes across new and old characters in Penelope Cruz, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, and a ton of pointless celebrity cameos,

I like the first "Zoolander" film quite a bit. It's funny, the cast works hilariously together, and it's an over-the-top, fun comedy that knows what it is and it relishes in the zaniness that occurs. So of course, some guy decided that there need to be a sequel, a comedy sequel that I'm sure will be genuinely funny and not beat us over the head with gags from the first movie that we loved, right? Oh boy, I must be giving Hollywood too much credit for that to happen.

Of the many things wrong with this movie, let's start with the obvious problem: It's not funny. Comedies are meant to make people laugh, shocking, right? As it would turn out, the theater I was in had some people laughing, whereas most of them were just mildly chuckling or blowing air out of their nose. It was actually nice to see an audience not laughing over the same retread of jokes from the first movie constantly being shoved in their faces, the movie desperately trying to match the humor of the first film. It was just a classic case of "Hey, remember that thing in the first movie you liked? Well here it is again!...and again...and again." That's essentially one of the types of "humor" this movie has going.

Another thing this movie did all wrong was having a bunch of celebrity cameos shoehorned into the plot for the sake of trying to entertain the audience with "Here's this famous person you like right now!" And with these pointless, unfunny cameos, all of them play out the same way. The celebrity shows up, one of the characters says "Look, it's (Celebrity name)!" and then the celebrity makes some type of predictable joke about themselves or some pop culture trend going on in the world right now. Only one of the cameos got a small laugh out of me, but the rest of them are basically just from an unjustifiably famous pop singer, or a washed up celebrity who's too irrelevant to be funny in any way.

This movie also has some really dumb moments that are way too unrealistic and over-the-top to take seriously. One of the gags in the movie is that Penelope Cruz has big tits and they're apparently big enough to keep her and Zoolander afloat as they swim in the ocean. That's the type of joke where it doesn't even deserve to be called a joke. It's the absence of a joke as you're left with dumb visual humor that doesn't even belong in a movie like this. Granted, the first movie had it's over-the-top moments, but they weren't so overboard that you lose a connection with the reality that the movie has set. That happens a lot in this movie and it reaches a point where they should've just made this movie a parody of spy films instead of a direct sequel to "Zoolander".

As for the comedic performances, Ben Stiller is the only one who looks like he's putting in some effort to play his character, but that's pretty much because it's his movie in a lot of aspect. The rest of the cast look like they couldn't care less about being in this movie and you know that the paycheck they get for this movie is the only thing keeping them slightly invested in their roles.

All of that said, "Zoolander 2" is your typical shitty comedy sequel that takes things too far, has no legitimately funny jokes, lazily rehashes most if not everything from the first film, and relies too heavily on the celebrity cameos who all serve absolutely no purpose to the story. I'd recommend that you skip this movie, but seeing how "Deadpool" is already making a ton of money, it looks like people are smart enough to know what movie to see this weekend.

Rating: Fuck You!


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