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Cap' and Spidey are boss
Reed Glaze

Marvel Studios has already released a dozen movies in their cinematic universe, spanning all the way back to 2008, and are planning to release more for the next several years. And now, DC is beginning to do the same, beginning with 2013's "Man of Steel," and are expanding their universe this year with "Batman v Superman" and "Suicide Squad." However, in my opinion, DC will never be able to beat Marvel's movies. And here's why.

Marvel has already been going for 8 years, and DC is not staring off the right way. Not to say that DC's movies will be bad, because they won't. But I think that they should have started began their films a little more like Marvel did. Marvel made 5 solo movies before bringing their superheroes together in "The Avengers." But DC has only had one film as of right now, and it was a Superman film. With "Batman v Superman" introducing Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and possibly even Joker, Flash, and Cyborg, it seems like the film might be a bit crammed. Even though it is highly likely that most of those characters will only be making cameos, possibly in a post credit scene. I think that they should have at least given their new Batman a solo movie before introducing him in the film. Wonder Woman is fine being the new third party in the film, but I still think that a team up movie to begin the expansion of their universe may be a mistake.

Marvel has done a pretty good job with most of their villains, and I'm worried that DC might not live up to their villainous potential. With the exception of Whiplash, The Mandarin, and a few others, Marvel's villains have been pretty menacing so far. But I am worried that DC may not be able to up their game. WIth great villains like Doomsday, who I think DC is ruining in Batman v Superman, and others like Darkseid, Joker, Lex Luthor, Reverse Flash, and Sinestro, DC could potentially make some of the best action movies ever purely because of their villains. Loki has been the only truly amazing villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it shouldn't be too hard for DC to beat that, but I remain skeptical. And now on to Doomsday. I think that the whole Zod becoming Doomsday via Lex Luthor may not have been the best option for potentially the Thanos of the DC Universe. But let's see how it goes. But on the other hand, Joker looks like he will be truly creepy and freakish in Suicide Squad.

DC is beginning their reign right in the middle of Marvel's prime. Marvel Studios is about to make what will probably be their most important film so far with Captain America: Civil War, and with the building suspense of the Infinity Stones in the mix, I feel that DC may just be left in the dust. They are really going to have to make their films epic to keep up with Marvel's biggest films over the next few years.


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