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Sometimes actors make horrible decisions, like starring in a awful movie or doing something illegal. However, its these star's actions after the fact that really define them. Do they wallow in self pity and hide their faces in shame, or do they take on the role of a comic book hero and prove their fans they truly are worthy of our love? (Hopefully, we'll be seeing Ben Affleck join this list soon, as he prepares to unveil his version of Batman to redeem his horrible rendition of Daredevil.) These 5 actors did the latter, and proved once and for all they perfect as superheroes (even if that wasn't always the case)

5. Chris Evans

What needed redeeming: Human Torch (Fantastic Four)

No matter how many times Fox makes Fantastic Four, the can not do it right. They couldn't do it right back in 2005, they completely messed up in 2007 with Silver Surfer, and they bombed their chances with the reboot last year. Unfortunately they had to drag Chris Evans through the mud the first two times, though arguably he was the best part of the movies.

Role that redeemed him: Captain America

Chris Evans has played a total of 5 comic book characters, however, Captain America is by far his most successful and has really put him on the map again. He was practically made to play the star spangled Avenger. His other comic book roles include the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, the voice of Casey Jones in TMNT, Jake Jensen in The Losers, Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgram vs The World, and of course Captain America.

4. Brandon Routh

What needed redeeming: Superman (Superman Returns)

It is generally accepted that Superman Returns was not a good movie, in the sense that it didn't achieve anything new with the character and felt like a rerun of the older movies. However, it is very difficult to take such an iconic character and have it be well liked.

Role that redeemed him: A.T.O.M (Arrow)

Brandon Routh had the opportunity to play another DC comics character on the hit CW television show Arrow. His character, Ray Palmer aka A.T.O.M, is a fan favorite and did well enough that he secured a spot on the spin-off show Legends of Tomorrow.

3. Michael Jai White

What needed redeeming: Spawn

Don't remember this movie from the 90's? You should be grateful. This movie based on the popular Images comic, garnered only a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the general consensus on the movie is "Spawn is an overbearing, over-violent film that adds little to the comic book adaptation genre."

Role that redeemed him: Bronze Tiger (Arrow)

Arrow redeems again it seems. Michael Jai White gave his acting chops to the villain the Bronze Tiger. One of the greatest small time villains on the show, the Bronze Tiger showed up here and there to do battle with the green hooded vigilante.

2. Robert Downey Jr.

What needed redeeming: Drug addiction and prison

RDJ had a rather successful career in his early years, earning himself an Oscar for his role in Chaplin (1992). However, the young star faced serious problems with drugs, and after years of court mandated rehab, was sentenced to prison for 3 years after going against his probation too many times.

Role that redeemed him: Iron Man

It's hard to believe that anyone ever had a problem with RDJ taking on the role of Iron Man, as the character and the actor are now one and the same. However, most people didn't like the idea of the ex-convict being cast as a superhero with reactions such as "I say bad choice but we will see", "I'm not comfortable with it in the least" and "I don't think he should be any movie he sucks big time" (Robert Downey Jr. cast as Iron Man!) I guess those are the same people that though Heath Ledger was a bad decision for the Joker.

1. Ryan Reynolds

What needed redeeming: Green Lantern and Wade Wilson (X-Men Origins)

Do we really need to go into detail? Ryan Reynolds' himself knew what needed redeeming, and he personally set out to fix all the (very many) wrongs he has done.

Role that Redeemed him: Wade Wilson (Deadpool)

And by golly, has he done it! If you've seen any of the trailers, you know that Ryan Reynolds has done the character justice. After seeing the movie, I can fully confirm that this is the closest comic book to film adaption of any character we will ever see, and a large part of the credit is due to Mr. Reynolds' himself. He constantly poked fun at his horrible movies and proved once and for all why he deserved to don the red spandex. If you haven't had the opportunity to see it yet, I would highly suggest doing so (but for the love of all things good do NOT bring the me).


Who is your favorite redeemed actor?


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