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Nothing breaks the hearts of movie fans more than the untimely death of their favorite actor or actress. There have been so many talented people whose lives have been tragically cut short. Let's take a look at Hollywood's most shocking deaths and their last films.

Brandon Lee (2/1/1965 - 3/31/1993)

The Crow
The Crow

Brandon Lee was killed during the filming of The Crow. In a scene where he enters a room carrying groceries, Lee is shot. The gun used in the scene contained a fragment of a real bullet, which was projected when the blank pushed it out. Lee died later that day at the age of 28. A lot of people incorrectly state that Brandon Lee died at the same age as his father, Bruce Lee; however, Bruce Lee died at age 32.

Brittany Murphy (11/10/1977 - 12/20/2009)

Brittany Murphy's last role was in psychological thriller Something Wicked. Though this does not provoke to Clueless nostalgia, it is still sad to see her final on screen appearance in a movie released after her death. Murphy died in her home of a pneumonia, anemia, and multiple drug intoxication.

Cory Monteith (5/11/1982 - 7/13/2013)

Glee's episode dedicated to Cory Monteith, The Quarterback, makes me choke up and fight desperately to hold back tears. Monteith's struggles with addiction were well documented and he seemed on the road to recovery until he overdosed on heroin and alcohol in his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada. The episode on Glee did not say how he died, but every song made you cry harder than the last.

Heath Ledger (4/4/1979 - 1/22/2008)

The shocking death of Heath Ledger sent fans into a frenzy. On the heels of filming the highly anticipated The Dark Knight and in the midst of filming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Ledger died of an overdose in his Manhattan apartment. The autopsy concluded that he died accidentally due to the mixture and abuse of prescription medicines.

Robin Williams (7/21/1951 - 8/11/2014)

This final scene of Robin Williams in Night at the Museum 3 depicts everything we love about him; his final line being thought-provoking and playful to the end. The death of this funny man was possibly the most shocking, especially when learning he died by suicide. He was found with a belt around his neck and it was determined he hanged himself. Reports surfaced about William's struggles with addiction and depression. There have also been reports about him having Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia, both of which have symptoms of severe depression.

Paul Walker (9/12/1973 - 11/30/2013)

Cue grown men crying like babies. Perhaps the saddest scene to remember Paul Walker by was actually filmed using his brother as a double. But, this tribute was too perfect to leave out. Paul Walker's death was so unbelievably shocking and tragic, it sent all Fast and Furious fans into a state of disbelief. Ironically, Walker died in car accident when his friend lost control of the vehicle he was a passenger in.

These are some of most shocking and recent deaths in Hollywood. Sadly, many articles could be written on untimely deaths of celebrities. I think what makes these deaths so tragic is the bond that we, as fans, create with a character or the actor. When we follow an actors career, we look forward to their next role, hoping to get lost in the amazing life they breath into their character. We relate to their struggles, in film and in real life, which gives us a kinship with them. That ability to relate to them is what makes these deaths utterly heartbreaking.

Which celebrity's death shocked you the most?


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