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The first movie review of the year is here and it is for one phenomenal movie. Last night, I sat in the third row of a packed movie theater and was delighted to the entertainment of a 20th Century Fox movie. This is movie is Deadpool A spoiler for my most anticipated list, this was the movie I was most excited for coming into this year. The marketing for this movie was perfect, hitting every checkbox that is required for the buildup to a release. Ryan Reynolds seemed born to play this role. Even his role in X-Men Origins was a good showing until that movie completely screwed with the character. The merc with the mouth is the first of numerous comic book movies to be released this year. Those other movies have a bold task in competing with the quality of this movie.

To start the official review, I am going to start with the fact that this movie was rated R. After watching the movie, there is no way that there could be a PG-13 version of this movie. That is not because the production of this movie simply spammed the R content that they could use; it is because the things that are R rated content go with the characters incredibly well. It would be difficult to believe these characters (especially Deadpool) if they were censored in anyway. The violence and profanity are integral to the success of this movie. However, none of it is over-the-top. There are no scenes in this movie that are reminiscent of a Tarantino flick where unrealistic amounts of blood are being shot or stabbed out of the body. Some of the graphic scenes in this movie are included in the humor, which left the theater hurting in laughter. While there is nothing that goes to the extreme due to the rating, it is crucial for both the movie and the characters.

Moving on to the man playing Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds is at his best in this role. Before this movie, I would jokingly said that everything Reynolds had done in his acting career was leading up to play Deadpool. In the test footage and marketing, Reynolds seemed at home in this character. It is rare to see an actor completely comfortable in his role. Part of that is the passion that he has for the source material. Reynolds had been working to receive the green light for this movie for over a decade. There are direct references to that process within the movie itself. The final product after all of that work was the best thing that could possibly happened. Even when his mask is off (before and after transformation), every piece of humor lands perfectly. Reynolds delivery is spot on and he plays off of everyone else with great chemistry. The best character he plays off of his Colossus, which is slightly surprising. Stefan Kapičić has a great performance as the metal covered man who is the complete foil to Deadpool. His heroic mannerisms plays ideally off of Deadpool’s crazed sense of revenge. To me, this has been the best Colossus that has been on the big screen thus far. Also, the chemistry between Reynolds and Brianna Hildebrand, who plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead, is fantastic. Reynolds speaks to/about her as most adults feel about the average teenage girl. Another fantastic performance in this movie is Ed Skrein as Ajax. Skrein portrays the main antagonist of this movie, which is well received. He handles the role as a Deadpool adversary with ease and makes his presence felt despite Reynolds dominates most of the movie. The adversarial rivalry between Ajax and Deadpool is one of the most interesting ones to be in a comic book movie. There is no fear on either end of the rivalry nor hesitation to attack. While Deadpool is the jokester between the two, it is clear that Ajax has his share of fun messing with Wade Wilson/Deadpool.

While it can be lost due to the push that Reynolds gave this movie, director Tim Miller crafts this movie in a fantastic way. Miller along with writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese produce the environment for this movie to flow perfectly. The best example of this is the opening credits to this movie. That sets up the entire movie for the audience, not to mention leaving them in tears without a single word being spoken. If you have seen the movie already, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you have not, then prepare yourself for something amazing. Even in the negative responses that this movie has received from a few critics, they rave about the opening credits. Also, the decision to have this movie jump from chronological time was brilliant. It kept the movie from feeling similar to every other origin story. This made the movie feel completely unique to Deadpool (within the genre). Also, there needs to be credit given to Fox for being able to take some hits from the dialogue. There were plenty of shots at the studio and other X-Men franchises that the studio could have pulled from the movie. Allowing the movie to align completely with the character was a brilliant decision. The recent struggles with Fan4stic may have been an influence to that or the strength behind the four men in charge of the movie could have convinced them that they should trust them. Either way, kudos to you 20th Century Fox.

Smaller details in the movie were bonuses to the entire film that made it even more ideal. The entire sound track for the film are memorable and fit their respective scenes perfectly. After the movie, it was difficult for me not to sing while talking to a friend who has not seen the movie yet. Another smaller detail from the movie that was a great moment was the “standard” montage of development for the main protagonist. During this montage, there was a song playing in the background that made the entire thing hilarious. In order to not spoil anything about it, simply listen carefully during that montage. Another thing to look out for is the cameo from Stan Lee. It is my personal favorite one thus far out of all of his cameos. Those are few smaller details of the film that made it even better.

I gave this movie 9.8 stars out 10. Deadpool is one of my favorite comic book movies now after seeing it last night. There is a strong possibility that I might go out and see it again in theaters with people who have not seen it yet. Although there an occasional flaw in this movie here and there, but those are not even worth mentioning. This movie is awesome from start to finish. If you have not seen this movie yet, stay until the end of the credits for a humorous and informative end credit scene.

That is my review of Deadpool. For those who have seen the movie, what did you think? Do you agree or disagree with my opinions? Leave comments below about your thoughts on this movie. If you have seen this movie, I welcome you to come back and leave comments about it after you have seen it. For other writings of mine, visit my page on Moviepilot at Also, follow me on Twitter @talkmoviestome. Thank you all for reading.

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