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Well, folks, if you are caught up on the CW's superhero shows, you'll know The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow have a whole lot of badassery taking place at the moment. Said badassery includes, but is not limited to, vigilantes and villains from many different geographical locations (Star City, Central City, and wherever the Waverider is taking the LoT) and timelines (2016, 1975, and ancient Egypt), so there is much to choose from when considering who the biggest, baddest, mofo in the universe is. I mean the DC universe. I actually mean the DC universes ().

What are we looking at here? Vandal Savage is immortal (talk about hard to deal with) and it's going to take a team of legends to bring him down; Zoom is a speedster with apparent strength and invulnerability powers, it's going to take a team of speedsters (and more) to take him down; Damien Darhk is a magic monster... wtf? They're gonna need everyone on Arrow to beat this guy. I'm here to tell you the biggest, baddest, badass this side of Supergirls' "indestructible aliens" is coming. I'm talking about the one and only Cisco Ramon as VIBE!

Until the last few episodes of The Flash, Cisco has been mainly a punch line provider in the . He is the namer of fiends ( ), the second greatest hacker on Earth (), and the best looking tech nerd legend (in his own mind). Buuut, Cisco is a smart guy; he is asking the right questions and doing the right things. Cisco Ramon's alter ego, Vibe, is about to become THE most powerful being in the Flarrowverse!

He doesn't even know it...
He doesn't even know it...

How can this happen?

1. He asks smart questions...

How did you get the suit in the ring? Cisco knows what he wants, so he's asking questions that even HE hadn't ever thought of before, and I think Thawne answered. There is NO WAY, that Flash Season 2 does not play this out. His intellectual curiosity has been the thing that has kept the team going, many times when it appeared hopeless. Eobard Thawne was mocked by Cisco to get the answer about the ring and he will use this tech to up his Vibe game, AND for sure, most importantly, it will provide the perfect introduction of Wally as a speedster (that may be another post).

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2. He's a scavenger...

In his encounter with his Earth-2 doppelgänger Cisco meets the "evil Vibe," known as Reverb. Long story short , Reverb gets Zoomed, but before his untimely demise he shows Cisco one of the powers that he has, and hints at more. I'm certain that Cisco picked up those sweet reverb goggles, especially after the (comically played out) frustrations he had with his most recently updated goggles on Earth-2. He was also instrumental in the idea to harness Turtle's powers — something that, I believe, is going to be a big thing in the near future, I'm guessing next season's big bad (that may be another, other post).

3. He's an innovator...

Cisco has created so many things from whole cloth (pun intended), including, The Flash, Green Arrow, and White Canary suits. Tech wise, he has created the "Tinder for meta humans" app, which the team put to use right away. All of the communications tech that they use is his, as is much of the tracking software. I'm giving Felicity props on the facial recognition software though.

So, everyone knows that Cisco Ramon is a meta-human now.

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How powerful is Vibe?

Well, as predicted by Harrison Wells (body occupied by Eobard Thawne), Cisco's "great adventure" has truly begun. It all started with Cisco being able to see/feel the alternate timeline where he was heart-strangled by the Reverse-Flash a.k.a. Season 1 Harrison Wells's body playing host to Eobard Thawne. But what else is going on? With the right goggles — read Earth-2 Cisco as Reverb's goggles — which I am sure he grabbed, Cisco can see everything... ever. Past, present, future, all places, all timelines, basically like GOD! Oh yeah, AND he'll eventually have that little party trick where he can emit shock waves as demonstrated by Reverb on Earth-2, and that's not nothin'. ALSO, further down the road, I think we will discover two other traits that he has in his folklore. First, he will up his shock wave game to include being able to disrupt the speed force AND quake like Daisy. Second, he will upgrade his god-like omniscience so he will have the ability to find and track inter-dimensional breaches. That's a shit ton of game for a wise-cracking tech nerd!

I think, Cisco Ramon a.k.a. Vibe, is going to be the biggest badass in the DC Television Universe and be able to take out Savage, Zoom and Darhk with a wag of his finger or a tip of his hat...

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What do you think, any ?


Is Vibe going to be the unlikeliest badass?


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