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First off, SPOILER ALERT, if you have NOT seen the 2016 Deadpool film DO NOT read this article! In the Deadpool film Vanessa does more than play damsel in distress. Her being a working girl she knows how to handle herself. In the end she worked her way out of the British villain's trap and saved Deadpool. But in the film she's never seen with her blue skin or with her shapeshifting abilities or her power mimicry. I'd like to share to you all how she could get her powers in my own ending.

Early in the movie during the sex holiday montage, Wade turns the lights off to begin the "session". Vanessa would then confess her fear of the dark, to be later relevant to the plot. Skip forward a hour into the movie to the final battle. Before Deadpool and Ajax dance, Ajax injects Vanessa with the mutant power inducing drug. Fight then goes as it did in original film up to the point of the ship blowing up. Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead rummage through the rubble to find Vanessa's oxygen deprivation tank to reveal her skin has turned blue. Once out of the tank and in Deadpool's arms the scratchs on her body start heal.


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