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I think we can all agree that Deadpool was a huge success! Ryan Reynolds played Wade Wilson almost perfectly and his Deadpool performance was exactly as he promised it would be. This movie was absolutely hilarious, along with its jam-packed action and sex scenes, making this the perfect R-rated superhero film. It is also succeeding on a financial level as it is projected to make over $100 million this opening weekend. Do you know what this means? Yes, more Deadpool movies, and possibly even more!

We Are Getting A Deadpool Sequel!

The success of this film has ensured that it will get a sequel and has also opened the door for more movies like it! It looks like Fox knew how well this movie would perform as the post-credit scene literally has Deadpool telling us a sequel is coming our way very soon, and Cable will definitely be in it! This was an awesome way to reveal Cable for the sequel. They could have shown a scene with him, but Deadpool breaking the fourth wall and telling us that he will be in the sequel is just as good! I think the sequel will focus on Deadpool for the most part but start to set up the X-Force. The members will include:


Cable will be the one to form the X-Force to stop the villains and other threats to mutant kind. Since Colossus could not get Deadpool to join the X-Men, Cable is going to have to try harder to get Deadpool to join. Perhaps he could be hunting down Deadpool at first as he could become a possible threat to other X-Men. This leads to Deadpool joining the X-Force by the end of the movie.

Deadpool, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Along with Deadpool, we will get to see Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead join the X-Force. Maybe Colossus has some beef with Cable as he does not like the way he plays superhero. Colossus, with help from Negasonic Teenage Warhead, will try and come to the X-Men instead. Deadpool will have to choose between teams and it will be a great conflict to see this Merc with the Mouth try and figure out. It would be great to see a conflict between Cable and Colossus as well. Eventually, Deadpool could choose the X-Force and convince Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead to join also, as they don't get to play with the X-Men all the time when they go out to save the world and perhaps saving the world as the X-Force does it (killing threats on the down-low) is the way to go.


Another big part of the Deadpool sequel would be Vanessa obtaining her powers and transforming into Copycat. Her powers are essentially Mystique's powers. We know she will eventually transform into Copycat and will stick around with Deadpool, which supports my theory of there even being an X-Force team up as they wouldn't have Mystique and Copycat in the same films, meaning Deadpool would/will join the X-Force and not the X-Men.


This answers the Wolverine questions. The Wolverine movie in 2017 is supposedly Hugh Jackman's last performance as Wolverine. This could be the Old Man Logan story line and then he could meet Cable and also help him set up the X-Force. They could keep Jackman as he said he was done with X-Men movies, not X-Force. They could also re-cast him as he would be moving on to a different franchise. Everyone said it would be too confusing for them to continue the Wolverine character after his next solo film. This is the perfect way to do it, and we would get to see the Wolverine character shine in a R-rated film.

X-Force Would Be Rated R

This would be the R-rated franchise in the Marvel-Fox cinematic universe. The success of Deadpool proved that they could totally do this! This could preserve Deadpool's character and not have him watered-down in the X-Men films. Also, we could finally get to see Wolverine in some R-rated flicks! They would start off with these six members, just like the Avengers. Also, they would not have to do much in terms of origin stories, as we know most of the characters already. They wouldn't have to do much origin with Cable as he could have already existed in the universe for a while now and we could just learn his goal is to form the X-Force. As Colossus and Cable would know each other with their long history, Colossus could briefly explain who exactly he is. We would just have to see Vanessa get her powers and we would have our six members.

There are a lot of core X-Force members missing from the comics, but this is just what the X-Force would start out with. This would be a whole franchise and we would get to meet some our other favorite X-Force members later on.

Mr. Sinister Could Be The Antagonist Of The X-Force Movie

One of the X-Force's biggest foes is Mr. Sinister and Bryan Cranston would be a great pick for the role. Mr. Sinister has ties to Apocalypse and he could be introduced in X-Men: Apocalypse. Apocalypse would have approached Mr. Sinister a long time ago and recruited him, like in the comics. Mr. Sinister would help Apocalypse take over the world and this is where Cable arrives. He tells Cyclops and Jean Gray that he is their son in the future, and Mr. Sinister has been stalking them for a long time. Mr. Sinister would survive and in the X-Force movie, Cable would know what Mr. Sinister will eventually become, so he needs the X-Force to assemble to destroy Mr. Sinister before he rises to power. This could also expand on time traveling. It's also a plus as we have already seen it in X-Men: Days of Future Past. This is all also a very good way to tie in the X-Men and X-Force trilogies as they are a part of the same cinematic universe.

This would kind of be like Legends of Tomorrow as Mr. Sinister would kind of play the role of Vandal Savage in the fact that he destroys the world in the future. Cable would play a Rip Hunter in the fact he is a time traveller who collects a team to save the future. This is what the X-Force movie(s) could be about. This could be one movie or be spread across two films or maybe even a franchise.

What do YOU guys think about an X-Force film? Could Mr. Sinister be a good villain? Tell me below!


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