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I've watched every Gravity Fall show , love GF . Mable is the best . #Empire4Life
Theagena Butler

1. Did you notice the flag of the trailers of the "Take Back The Falls?

If you didn't you would see that that flag represents every one that would be fighting to taking it back the main characters. It also show that Ford would return. And the pines will fight as a family.

2.He must be the one that "Alex Hirsh" was taking about.

I now y'all noticed the theme song who didn't. But one thing that y'all might of not noticed was that they might of reveal the one person who would die in "Take Back The Falls" .

I know someone drew this but this might be his Faith .
She also wear it in the theme song
She is aslo wearing the same sweater in the episodes wierdmageddon. This sweater is one of the most important thing in the story

1. One thing I would like to mention is that...

This is a guess I made . One thing I think no one really noticed until the final episodes was that "Gravity Falls" told you what would be the main theme of the story that "gravity will fall and and everything will end". If you look at it and think about the adventures they that lead to the gravity falling yes it would make sense.

I really hope y'all are ready too. For there last adventure don't forget to buckle up . Remember the last one hour episode comes on February 15 @8 hope y'all enjoy the show . And remembered Gravity Falls for life ✊✊ .

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