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For those who don't know, Marionette, or Marion as I call him, is a character from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 who has mechanics unlike all of the other animatronics. All through the night, there is a music box that needs to be rewound over and over again to keep the Puppet in his box. If the player fails to rewind it before it falls silent, Marion will attack the player and cannot be stopped by anything but time itself. Unless it becomes 6 a.m. before he arrives, you're automatically dead. Due to his death mini game (Give Gifts, Give Life) it is believed that he is the one who made the main four live. There are many varying versions of his personality, however I have taken the belief that he is shy, reserved, and is avoided by most of the other animatronics. He suffers guilt from not being able to help the fallen children escape their end, and tries to make up for it by putting smiles on the faces of living children. He suffers extreme anxiety/panic attacks when faced with silence, hence why he needs a music box to function correctly. And even then, Freddy trusts him to be in charge of the others when he is unable to do so because he has a creepy factor about him. It stirs fear in the others, and that allows him to "pull the strings". (Heh.) Basically, he is second in command. This only makes sense since he has to keep the line of kids getting prizes under control.

The song that plays on his music box is called "My Grandfather's Clock". I have taken it upon myself to make a parody with this precious cinnamon roll, so here it is. If you do want to make a cover of this, please, by all means, feel free to do so. Just credit me as the creator of the artwork and lyrics. And if you see a cover, let me know because I'd like to see it myself.

((Okay, so I'm making this note a day after starting working on this song-comic thing, and I found out a little too late that not only is Marion taller, he has nine stripes on his legs, not six. I apologize. I was looking at a picture that was cut off at six stripes, not seeing one below it that had the correct number. I swear, I had no clue. He does have five stripes on his arms though. I double-checked just in case. After this comic is through, I'll be sure to stick to nine leg stripes. For the time being, however, there will be six. Sorry to any purists out there. :< ))

M'kay, a little explanation here. I'm making this note bold to bring it attention. I have the whole song written out. I'm just not feeling up to doing the art right now. I have a pretty big project going on that desperately needs attention, since I've given myself a deadline of next Sunday to get it done. As such, I'm more inspired to work on that than this right now. I will finish it, but I didn't want to make you guys wait any longer. I'll just post each verse as I finish it. This is verse one. I have some of verse two's pictures done. Be patient. It will be finished when it's finished. Once I have all of the pictures done, I'll put them all together. Anyway, enjoy this for now.


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