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Kaitlyn Beckner

Andrew Garfield starred as everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for two movies and he's already getting the boot. Now, I have nothing against Tom Holland and I think he will make a great Peter Parker, but here's why Andrew Garfield will always be Spider-Man to me.

He just LOOKED the part

When I picture what Peter Parker would look like, Garfield fits the description to a T, not just in the movie, he's the same in real life and that to me makes the perfect Peter Parker. He is the perfect amount of geeky and cool, not to mention extremely easy on the eyes, am I right ladies? I know, I know, that's not what really matters about a superhero, but it is a bonus for us.

He dreamt about playing Spider-Man as a kid

He's basically prepared for this role his entire life. I can't imagine anyone putting as much passion and love into this character as Andrew? His performance really shows his dedication and his passion and I really liked that about him.


How many times are we expected to have our hearts torn apart when we have to sit through the death of Uncle Ben? We've already been through it once with Toby Maguire and another with Andrew. By replacing Andrew they are starting from the beginning and we will for sure have to once again go through the painful loss of Ben, unless Marvel skips that entirely, but then it wouldn't be true to the story of Spider-Man.

Let's be honest with ourselves: who's cuter than Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone together?

Andrew and Emma had the perfect chemistry on and off screen; they made me believe in love all over again after watching the two as Peter and Gwen. I couldn't picture any other actors fulfilling that role, it just wouldn't be the same. They have become Peter and Gwen in my eyes and no one else could fill their shoes. They were perfect on screen together, well... until Gwen fell to her death, but no story is perfect.

Marvel, I have faith in you not to ruin my favorite superhero, but just know you can never replace Andrew in my heart.

How you do feel about Andrew getting the boot? Let me know in the comments!


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