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Since the dawn of time (okay maybe not that long ago!), Pokemon has won the hearts of many. With its 20th anniversary this year, Nintendo has come up with the next concept to revolutionize gaming.

Imagine this, you're out on a late night stroll, probably with friends or just enjoying a night alone in the great outdoors, when suddenly a wild notification appears! It says a pokemon is nearby! So like any 21st century trainer, you pull out your iPhone and scan the area. Then you see it, right in the middle of the park is the cutest Togepi you've ever scene. With the flick of the wrist a pokeball is thrown and Togepi is yours.

This is exactly what Nintendo has in mind for the next upcoming mobile game. For both androids and iphones, the Pokemon Company has come one step closer on making your dreams come true with Pokemon Go!

What We Know

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear Pokemon GO is augmented reality. According to John Hanke (founder of Niantic), pokemon will roam completely free from shopping malls to parks to countrysides, we will live in a world filled with pokemon.

Because Nintendo is amazing and wants everyone to enjoy the next level of gaming, Pokemon GO will be free both in the app store and google play, although there will be plenty of in-app purchases.

It's scheduled to release this year! *Insert crying emojis*

There will be a device worn around the wrist, Pokemon GO Plus. The watch/wristband/bracelet will notify you via bluetooth on nearby events and pokemon in the area.

The game will feature community events, such as a legendary battle as we can tell from the trailer. A great way to bring the community together via video games- +1 for you Nintendo!

Pokemon Go will also feature a trading and battling system just like any other pokemon game, so no need to worry about how you're going to evolve your Haunter.

What We Want (Or What I Want)

I personally would find it amazing if it was area based, like depending on what area you live, you'll find region specific pokemon. I'm more than certain this concept is put into the game, but I want like state specific pokemon. For example, you can only obtain a Sandshrew in Texas, or get a Ralts in Washington.

I'm hoping, like any other pokemon game, there will be double battles, either with other trainers or wild pokemon.

To bring back the concept of the PokeWalker, it would be pretty cool to have your pokemon gain experience as you walk either with the Pokemon Go Plus or with just having the app running while you jog or walk.


All in all I have high expectations for Pokemon GO, hopefully with an early release in possible March or April we'll be catching them all by summer.


Will you be playing Pokemon GO!?


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