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Daredevil was first released on April 10th, 2015 on Netflix with 13 episodes for the full season. It was, rightfully, very well received by fans and critics. Its creator is Drew Goddard, who has produced and written for many different TV series and movies, which includes: Alias, Angel, Cloverfield, Lost, and most recently, The Martian.

I remember finally deciding to watch this show with my brothers. It took us 3 weeks straight to finish it, watching on Sundays and for two Saturdays. The surprising reality of how good this show actually was, was awe-inspiring. It came from starting to watch this show without a clue of what it was going to be like or how the storyline would play out. It could've turned out poorly or it could've turned out t to be great and well, it was great! Here are the reasons why.

The Directing and Writing

The director and writers varied for each episode. This could've been a bad thing because maybe the writer for one episode didn't have the same eye for the full story like another, but of course this wasn't going to just happen that way and put the show at risk. The writers and directors knew exactly what they were doing and each episode was successful.

The writing stuck to the story line of Daredevil and him as a character very well. From his childhood to him as a grown man and becoming Daredevil. Not only with him but the entire leading and supporting characters as well. Each episode built the story up for the next episode which created a excellent season and produced a love for the characters. The directors and cinematographer, Matthew J. Lloyd, were amazing. The way we get to see this great story delivered for each episode is very addictive.

These episodes are so well executed and there are so many scenes directed in this series that you will find yourself remembering and loving. Starting of with the beautiful intro to the show, that we thankfully get to see every episode.

To amazing fight scenes like this one with Daredevil fighting over a dozen Russian mob guys.

Or this one.

The Actors and Actresses

Foggy Nelson is played by Elden Henson, Karen Page is played by Deborah Ann Woll, Matt Murdock/Daredevil is played by Charlie Cox, Wilson Fisk is played Vincent D'Onofrio, and Claire Temple is played by Rosario Dawson.

You start this show off uncertain of how great Daredevil/Matt Murdock will be portrayed because Charlie Cox isn't very well known (until now), but you won't find yourself disappointed at all. Charlie Cox does an exceptional job. He really becomes the character of Daredevil / Matt Murdock, with so much passion and intensity. As well, with the other characters you will find yourself loving or hating them because they really get you involved with their lives and you get to see who thy really are and what they are really like revealed. You follow along with each person and will want to see more of them.

The Measures Taken

Everything the show needs, in my opinion, it has. It goes to the necessary lengths without being absurd and unnecessary. Most shows have action and fight scenes but with as little blood or fright as possible. However, with this series we do get to see the tragic, difficult, and violent situations that take place in the show, and the violent and intense necessary solutions.

The atmosphere/vibe of this show is dark, gritty, intense, and a bit melancholy. It compliments the entire show very nicely. No one expects to see the sunshine everyday in a place called Hell's Kitchen; and see a vigilante named Daredevil go easy on the bad guys, that wouldn't make any sense. Therefore, the show is exactly what it needs to be.

We have seen a take on Daredevil before.

Daredevil, the movie, came out in 2003 starring Ben Affleck as Daredevil, Jenifer Garner as Elektra, and Michael Clarke Duncan as King Pin.

This movie came out a long time ago, and it isn't until these recent years that I have noticed how much people disliked it. I don't know if people disliked it just the same when it came out or if it's just that now people see flaws in it. Many say it's due to the acting and others say that it's due to the whole plot of the movie. I saw this movie as a young child and I really liked it. Now, that I'm older and know a bit more in the world of Marvel, I do see some flaws in it and see how it could've been a lot better.

With the first attempt at bringing Daredevil to life on the big screen being a bit of a disappointment to many, knowing that they were going to make a series, was a bit scary. It either would be a hit or a miss all over again. People would watch this show hoping it would be better then the movie and comparing it to the movie and likely, giving it a hard time. Thankfully, everything bout this show is well thought out and delivered. It is outstanding, giving no room for doubt or disappointment.

Season 2 of Daredevil will be released on Netflix March 18th, 2016.


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