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He is snarky, handsome, he was married to Scarlett Johannsen, he IS married to Blake Lively, he has been 3 different superheroes, and he is not even 40—he is Ryan Reynolds.

With this last weekend's release of the smash-hit Deadpool, the 39 year-old Canadian is back in the spotlight and it's right where he belongs. For well over a decade, Reynolds has been pushing out quality performances in some quality and some..."less-than-quality" big budget films. It's about time that he found a role in a film that can contain his energy, his wit, and his over-the-top sense of humor while still keeping an edge AND A WELL-WRITTEN STORY.

The biggest problem with nearly all of Reynolds's near-misses and all-out big misses *cough* The Green Lantern *cough* was that their scripts and plots fell short, not usually Reynolds himself.

What do I mean? Let's take a look!

Blade: Trinity (25% - Rotten Tomatoes)

In this sequel to two awesome Marvel movies for adults, Reynolds played Hannibal King, a wise-cracking vampire hunter with a serious set of skills and a less than serious attitude.

Rumors of the star, Wesley Snipes, being hard to work with and downright uncooperative with the cast and crew plagued the filming of the movie, while some close to the production simply said the story too was weak in comparison to its predecessors. After a meager advertising campaign and an unexciting box office release, some might have even forgotten that Reynolds was a part of this missed opportunity.

Just Friends (42% - Rotten Tomatoes)

If you haven't seen this movie, you've got to at least give it a look.

Ryan Reynolds stars in Just Friends as a former fat-kid turned music industry executive playboy who gets stuck for a week in his old hometown. There he reunites with his best friend Amy (played by Amy Smart) and struggles to get the romantic attention from her that he never could get back in high school. Anna Faris also appears as a poppy bubble-gum singing sensation psychopath.

It's a decent romantic comedy with more than a few laughs. A modest advertising campaign would have helped this movie gain some traction but sadly, this release got lost in the mess that is the romantic comedy genre.

Buried (87% - Rotten Tomatoes)

Are you claustrophobic? If you are...don't watch Buried.

Working as an independent contractor in the Middle East, Reynolds spends almost the entire movie inside a tiny box. The dedication and camerawork are fantastic, the story is creative, and Reynolds acts genuinely terrified throughout the entire thing.

This is one of those gems you should dig up if you never got the chance to watch it during its short theater run.

Safe House (53% - Rotten Tomatoes)

Starring with Denzel Washington in this spy-thriller, Reynolds was actually really solid. Denzel, as always, was cool, calm, and collected as he broke the backs and necks of the men in his way.

In the end, this movie just wasn't memorable. There are and were other movies out like it at the time and the film just wasn't pushed enough to merit a big box office turnout.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (38% - Rotten Tomatoes)

The "Merc with a Mouth" got his mouth sewn shut. Do I really have to go any further than that?

Besides being a bad movie in general, the Deadpool of this movie was so obviously not the Deadpool of Deadpool it was nauseating. Between Wolverine's digitized claws and Deadpool's horrific redesign, this movie belongs in a bin with The Star Wars: A Christmas Special.

The Green Lantern (26% - Rotten Tomatoes)

Watch the movie. No. Seriously. Go watch the movie, just don't pay for it. You'll understand.

Deadpool (84% - Rotten Tomatoes)

Yes. Yes. Yes.

That's all I could think as I was leaving the theater after my first viewing of Deadpool. Wade Wilson cursed, he killed people (a lot of people), he had sex, he formed out the word "FRANCIS" with dead bodies, and he, most importantly, talked to me. Directly to me. No one else in the theater.

Well, maybe that's not entirely true, but it felt like that was the case. It felt like I was reading my favorite Deadpool comic in my room and everyone else at the movies just happened to be there.

Ryan Reynolds pulled off every aspect of "the Merc with the Mouth" in the most absolutely perfect way possible. Jokes always landed, bullets were never spared, and lots of blood was constantly spilled. It was magnificent. Why? Because someone like Reynolds, who has tons of comedic ability, charisma, and a work ethic to boot. He just needed a solid story vehicle to make it all come together.


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