ByDjordje Stamenkovic, writer at
Djordje Stamenkovic

I was watching in theatre the movie CRASH by David Cronenberg. It was a full house. The movie started and it released all of the Sex-CRASH scenes with full power! I was amased and disturbed but this was a Cronenberg movie so that was to be expected and loved. I was glued to the screen in a power full mind bending performance till the end of the movie. After it finished and the lights went on I realised there where just 10-12 people left in the theatre!!! But we who where together at that moment started laughing and feling like a family!!! It was a very nice feling of togetherness and knowing that the rest of the world had run like crazy out of this strange and yet great movie, was amazing. For a few minutes we where a new family! We laughed and commented loudly about the movie, us and the rest of the world for about 5 minutes, patting each others backs, and then we went back into the world of scared and ignorant people, with huge smiles! It was an incredible experiance! So thanks Master Cronenberg! :)


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