ByBrittney Bailey, writer at
Brittney Bailey

The numbers are flowing in and it looks like our favorite Merc with a Mouth is raking in the cash.

According to the web, Deadpool is now heading to make over 130 million at the box office which crushes the previous biggest February opener, Fifty Shades of Grey at 90 Million.

It is also now will becoming the largest opening for an R rated movie. The previous title was held by The Matrix Reloaded with 91.77 million!

So basically, Deadpool is winning everything and probably isn't going to stop winning. The film has been getting high praise from both critics and fans alike. There's no doubt the legs on this thing will carry it through week after week, making tons of cash.

So what do you think? Have you seen the movie? Do you agree with it's success? Tell me below in the comments!


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