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Brittney Bailey

Remember how awesome Kingsman was? Remember how awesome this new kid with the thick accent playing the lead was? Well that new kid's name is Taron Egerton and because of Kingsman, he is now being considered and rumored for pretty much everything under the sun.

He's already got a new movie coming out called Eddie the Eagle, and is set to start filming a new Robin Hood reboot later this year. Not to mention he's also got Kingsman 2 coming out soon. There have even been some to go as far as to say he's been rumored to be Han Solo in the new upcoming Han Solo film. So basically, this guy is about to be everywhere and in a big way.

According to the Daily Planet's DCEU Twitter feed, the latest rumor surrounding the up-and-coming star is that he is being looked at to play the new Jason Todd in the ever expanding DC Universe.

Screenshot of The Daily Planet Twitter Feed
Screenshot of The Daily Planet Twitter Feed

Now keep in mind that this is just a rumor for now. Nothing has been confirmed. What we know now, that has been heavily speculated, is that Jason Todd (a.k.a. Red Hood) will appear in a future solo Batman movie. What is being said now, is that Taron Egerton is simply the studio's current favorite to play the role.

What do you guys think of this? Would you want him in the role? Let me know below.


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