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The movie Scarface (1983) directed by Brian De Palma, is one of the greatest movies ever created if you are into drugs, gangs and Miami in the 1980s. The movie consist of Al Pacino playing Tony Montana, Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira Hancock, Robert Loggia as Frank Lopez and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Gina Montana, who all do a great convincing job of playing their characters with realistic moral views and actions. Whomever wishes to see this film can see it on many online sources from Shomi, to Popcorn Time, and Project TV, or buy it at a movie store like HMV.

The story begins in Cuba where Tony Montana and his friends try to get a green card so they are able to live in the United States and escape the current civil war. In order to get the green card they must assassinate a Cuban government official. Once they do, they arrive in Miami, and immediately get involved within the drug trade. Cocaine was the main drug Tony Montana was involved with and he would viciously murdered anyone who got in his way of being at the top of the drug trade. He succeeds and becomes the biggest drug lord in town and ends up living the "American Dream." However later on the pressure of his rivals, the Colombians, the police and his own drug addiction faces him with dangerous choices leading to his ruination and downfall.

Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino, is the protagonist of the movie. Brilliantly played you see how psychotic he becomes through his power-hungry mind fueled by the huge amounts of cocaine he intakes. He is vicious and manipulative and makes his way to the top through the murders of his boss, and those who are in his way, including his loved ones.

Elvira Hancock played by Michelle Pfeiffer is what you would call the dame, a film noir term. She is a mysterious woman who uses her beauty to get what she wants. She is portrayed as an elegant and mysterious woman who Tony falls for however she begins the movie by being married to Tony's boss, "Big Louie" who is later on killed by Tony and marries Elvira right after. She is coked up most of the movie and is determined to be the wife of the most powerful and richest man in Miami whomever it may be. There is no romance or love felt by her and she's only in it for the drugs.

On a technical note, Scarface used a lot of different type of film angles to show the audience the characters ranks of power. Brian De Palma used a lot of low angles to show Tony Montana's authority. In several scenes the camera would use these low angles to portray Montana as stronger and more powerful. The movie also had many guns so many sound effects were used during these violent scenes.

The film is definitely worth watching because the actors and the plot are so convincing and show how drugs and power consume most people and what happens when they finally get it. Scarface follows the history of the drug trade in Miami and how moralistic standards are no longer abided by the characters. Although it is extremely violent, the film has no negative traits to it and the actors are formidable at convincing the audience how messed up being a part of the drug scene is. Scarface is one of my favourite movies and anyone who has the chance to see it definitely should.


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