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Matthew Lemire

Having saw Deadpool on opening day, all I can say is...... "fantabulous"! (If that's even a word.) This film is HUGE, and has become one of the more successful films to come out of Fox's "X-Men" Franchise. I praise the cast, as well as the film's director, Tim Miller.

However, I want to discuss an interesting topic about the film, and its relationship to the franchise: the space-time continuum and it's effect on the events of the "X-Men" franchise. There are two reasons why I bring this up: The first is that the fact that we have already seen the character of Wade Wilson somewhere in the "X-Men" franchise before. Which movie was it?............Oh.........that movie. (2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine). The second reason is the result of the events in 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past.

As I mentioned before, the first time we meet Wade Wilson was in Origins, which was the first attempt to introduce the character to the franchise. Based on the film's final critical reception, that didn't turn out so well. What's more: In the film, Wilson is transformed into a mutant super weapon known as Weapon 11, only to be killed off by Wolverine, much to the disappointment of fans. This was the supposed "origin story" for the character. But, as of two years ago, that has changed.

(*My second point involves some spoilers from the most recent X-Men film.)

This transitions to my second point: the aftermath of 2014's Days of Future Past. At the end of the film, we see that the entire timeline (or at least everything post-1973) has been rewritten. The most notable change to the timeline was the reversal of the deaths of Jean Grey and Scott Summers, which happened in X2 and in The Last Stand, respectively.

So, what does this change to the timeline mean for Wade Wilson?

It means that the origin story for Wade Wilson has also changed. Deadpool, the movie we're seeing now, represents the final result of the changes of the timeline to Wilson's backstory.

His backstory is not the only change, however. What I also noted when I watched the film was the change in the character of Colossus. In the original three X-Men films, as well as Days of Future Past, we see that the character of Colossus (named Peter Rasputin) is an American (or Canadian) of Russian descent. But now, in Deadpool, we see that Colossus is Russian, much like his comic-book counterpart. How the change in the timeline affected Colossus's heritage is an interesting topic for another time.

Overall, the bold move to reboot the entire X-Men franchise by changing the entire timeline provided the perfect opportunity to retell the story of how Wade Wilson truly became Deadpool, staying closer to the comics.

For those who haven't seen the new film, go see it in theaters now!


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