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Sean Castillo

Why is anyone trying to hate on this movie. The most awesome trailer for this movie just came out, and we've seen a true depiction of Batman at his finest in this final trailer and 3 days later there are people saying that Warner Bros is in jeopardy. The hate is so real. There's a property that people know it's going to do great and they have to tear it down. Let's forget that Marvel has done an awesome job and they will continue to do so. We have a new interpretation of Superman and people are having a hard time adjusting to it. The same people who are tired of seeing the same thing everything being made over and over are complaining. And now we have a new Batman that nobody wanted that might be the best one ever from a 30 second portion of a two minute trailer and people are trying to say that Warner brother is in trouble. Something doesn't add up. Its following its own story and I'll be happy with whatever surprises that come because honestly I'm not sure what to predict and I like surprises and I like new things. So for those you have a problem with watching new things go home watch Superman with Christopher Reeves, Or you go home and watch Batman with Christian Bale or Michael Keaton and love it I do. But do not go watch this movie and see something different and tear it apart because it's not what you used to.

(Embrace change)


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