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Usually when I write reviews, I compose pithy remarks in my head before watching the movie that I may or may not use for the review, based on whether it turns out to be good or not. I forgot to do this with this movie because I've been so busy, but maybe I have time to throw down a bunch of words on a page for you guys to read about why Deadpool was pretty OK WHOA SPOILERS

Yeah, I liked Deadpool. It looked surprisingly good, especially in the beginning framing device/action scene where everything is washed out and white-and-grey, and in the middle of this here is Ryan Reynolds in a bright red suit. The opening title sequence was creative enough for me to notice it and remember the lesson about title sequences in Narrative Film class, and the action was kickass.

Notably, the action sequences were brutally violent, like The Revenant, but they never lingered. Some fucked up shit would happen and then we'd move on. The camera didn't circle around the guy that got pancaked against a highway sign for 15 goddamn minutes.

I guess the main problem I have with this movie is its inconsistence. I'm currently working on an article about this (BECAUSE of Deadpool), but 4th-wall humor is inherently self-destructive. It raises more questions than it can possibly answer. Suspension of disbelief is a fragile thing, and 4th-wall humor is like taking a sledgehammer to your mother's china cabinet.

And that's not to say that it doesn't work in Deadpool, because it totally does. Where I have a problem is when this movie tries to get me to take its quiet drama scenes or "serious" action scenes seriously, because we have established that this film does not give a shit about anything, including its own continuity. I suppose you could make an argument for the whole before-and-after of Wade Wilson's torture and all that, but in the context of a narrative where all the serious stuff is told in flashback, and also you clearly established in the goddamn opening credits that this movie is irreverent, that is no excuse.

Deadpool is distinctively and noticeably style over substance, but it doesn't give a unicorn's rainbow-farting asshole for substance and that's fine. I can recommend this movie to you if you are the thick-skinned type, but maybe skip it if you get offended easily.



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