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David Marmolejo

The Walking Dead. One of the top juggernaut series in cinema history, with such life, despair, struggle, hardships, heroes, villains, loved character kill offs, unnecessary stopping points and a giant ball of life and death! AMC studios is killing this series to perfection. Season after season, even between mid seasons, they leave us with such mixed emotions, heartfelt tragedies and cliffhangers so intense I die inside. What makes it great is that they made it 90 percent about the humans and their treacherous journeys and 10 percent about this walker epidemic that is such a side mission of doom. After 6 seasons in Rick is my guy. The leader, and after what he's lost and been through he's been the most consistent still rolling the Rick-tatorship strong, and battling to save Michonne, Glenn, Daryl, Morgan, Tara, Maggie, Sasha, and Tyreese (RIP he was the rock of the show!) he's running the whole show! But characters such as Michonne and Morgan can handle their own. Oh they can survive on their own no doubt. If Rick was killed off in this show (mass riots like Daryl too) Morgan could take care of business. One of the greatest episodes from this season was solely focused on Morgan's adventure and he meets a man alone in the woods who teaches him tranquility and a particular set of skills. Liam Neeson 2.0 over here. But that episode was just so calming, and absolutely refreshing to take a step back on the reality of the situation, and focus on one's self. Morgan since then, has been a critical part of the group, basically Rick's yin to his yang. Even though Michonne is just that, but Morgan has been with Rick mentally since the beginning of this fantastic journey and part two of season 6 is tonight! It has finally arrived! Neegan. That is all I'm saying about that devil. But with Rick and the Gang, Neegan does not know that he's screwing with the wrong people.


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