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Young adult novels are storming the bookshelves with their stories and their popularity among teenagers entering their teenage years and young adults who are turning 18-25. Young Adult can range from good to bad to "this book really needs to be re-written". Young adult has captured the hearts of many, and people are still begging and hoping that one of their favorite novels will end up on the big screen someday.

Young adult books have a variety of genres such as romance, drama, adventure, fantasy, historic fiction and recently horror. Books are starting to not only connect with teens but also adults who have dealt with what the main character is going through or what it would be like in the near future. Below is a list of popular (and not so popular) books that should be turned into movies

1. Halo Series

Beautiful Covers
Beautiful Covers

Author: Alexandra Adornetto

Description: 3 angels (one being the archangel Gabriel , one being name Ivy and the other Bethany) come to earth to destroy the darkness (demons), and keep (fictional) Venous Cove in peace. Told from Bethany's POV (Point of View), we see how she becomes human, falls in love and defeats the demon that was threatening Venous Cove.

Why should it be a movie: There's enough fans to make a movie happen and with how the book is written, it would be easy to follow. Three angels falling from the sky, two being bound to heaven, one want to get to know humans and how they live. A love story and as any young adult the action starts to take place in the middle builds the climax towards the end and as any series, leaves with a cliff hanger.

2. I Was Here

Author: Gayle Forman

Description: When her friend Meg drink a bottle of cleaner all alone in a hotel room and Cody receives an e-mail saying that Meg has killed herself with instructions. Instructions on where to find her, what to do with her body and how to notify her Parents. Told from Cody's POV, we see what she goes through in the stages of grief and how she comes to know her best friend in a new way.

Why it should be a movie: This book deals with how life can be AFTER high school. The stress of college and how someone can go from being a somebody to someone they don't even know anymore. It also makes you look through someone's eye as they deal with a best friend death and how what its like when their friend commits suicide with no warning. Beautifully written and captivating, this movie could speak to thousands of teens and adults.

3. The Impossible Knife of memory

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Description: Hayley has moved from town to town for the past five years. She ends up back at her home town with her dad and their old house. With her mother's death and dealing with her father's PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), she struggles to know herself and the place around her. With a boy named Finn who wants to make her smile, Hayley slowly learns what PTSD is and how she help her father more and that she is not the victim of it.

What should it be a movie: This movie can help show how PTSD works and what it can do to someone. They need to see how it effects the family and oneself. Like Hayley it's hard to understand PTSD, but after doing research and realizing that you aren't the victim or the cause of PTSD it can be peaceful place. This will show audiences, just what its like to have PTSD in the home and what it's like to live with someone who has PTSD. (for more info on PTSD please see this site:

4. The Last Time We Say Goodbye

Author: Cynthia Hand

Description: After Lex's brother dies from a self inflected gun wound to the head, she is left to deal with the after math. Her mother sinks down into depression, her father brushes his death off and she wishes her friends would stop giving her the sympathy talk. Told from Lex's POV, we get what its like to deal with a family suicide and how we feel like we need to block it all out.

Why Should it be a movie: There are people out there and family members that have an event like this and one person from the family blocks out their feelings. The world needs to see how suicide can effect another person and what it takes to move on and heal. With a little love story involved, this book deals with loss of a family member and what it take to heal from a tragic event.

5. All the Bright Places

Author: Jennifer Niven

Description: Violet is a girl just wanting to graduate and get out of town and to forget what happened with her sister the night she got went to party, got drunk, crashed and came out alive. Finch is a boy who constantly thinks about death, his mother tries to be reasonable with him, his sisters ignore him or shrug him off, and his "friends" and everyone around him don't quite understand him. Told in both POV, we see what its like in the mind of a bipolar person and what it takes to heal from tragic accident.

Why Should it be a movie: For those who have witnessed or been part of a tragic accident know what its like to forget or try and forgive yourself of what happened. Those who are bi-polar know what its like when you can't even understand yourself. This book dealt with allot of real life issues that some of us will face in time to come.

6. Ellen Hopkins Books

Author: Ellen Hopkins

Description: This author deals with dark stories or dark themes. Each book consisting of drug, sex, drinking, a baby on the way, religion, homosexuality and prostitution. Everyone can relate to one of her stories and each book deals their demons in a way some are dealing with there's, by living and by trying to be better and get away from the road that took them down the dark path.

Why Should it be a movie: To tell the dark tales of what some young adult and teens can deal with. To show just how bad meth and heroin can be. What it's like to stress about a baby and the mother or father not know what do to. These book deal with real-life and at times, that's that we need to see, the horrors of real life.

7. Elinor and Park

Author: Rainbow Rowell (Don't you just love that name?)

Description: Such a cute love story! This story portrays a modern couple but Elinor is on the heavy side while Park is on the light side. Dealing with how love can come in "shape and sizes". With girls who struggle to see how the world can love them when they are the heavy set and boy struggle to see why they are the ones to blame, Elinor and Park is a sweet love story for all ages to love.

Why should it be a movie: To show that love SHOULD have no judgment and love is love no matter the person and no matter the size. Audiences will cry, laugh and relate to this easy to tell story, as it deals with the media and how it should be and how brave someone can be when they take a stand against what others say.

8. Atlantia

Author: Ally Condie

Description: A tale of sisters. In a world where the above (land) becomes to dangerous to breath, people are taken below to live underwater will the above has clean air again. Rio and Bay are twins and when Rio's sister, Bay, chooses to go above, Rio does everything she can to get to the above to find out why her sister went above.

Why should it be a movie: With how beautiful the writing is and how well the story played out, this movie would be beautiful. With trails and questions we have about our own families come to life in this book. Sometimes we can even question our secrets we hide from our families. With a little love on the side, this tale is about sisters.

Young Adult books has been helping teenagers, and young adults realizing that they don't face personal problems alone. Romance can be found, and everyone eventually get's happy ending. Young Adult is still popular today and will continue to be popular and grow more and more into today's issues and some books will even be a fantasy story worth escaping into.


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