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As we know now, Spider-Man is set to have a somewhat significant role in Captain America: Civil War. But what we don't know yet is to what extent, or how large of an influence Spidey will have, given the fact that he'll be a younger incarnation of Peter Parker than we've seen in previous Spider-Man movies.

That being said, Spider-Man is an absolutely vital character to Marvel in Civil War, given the context that he'll be introduced in this movie, and these are the top three reasons why.

3. There has not been a good Spider-Man Movie in Years

Let's face it, the franchise has been stagnating. The Toby Maguire run was a great first try at a Spider-Man series, but it overstayed its welcome. Andrew Garfield's run started out promisingly but quickly fell flat in Amazing Spider-Man 2 due to trying to stuff too many villains into the movie.

What Marvel needs now is to renew faith into one of their flagship titles, and introducing Spider-Man in CM: Civil War is just the way to do it.

2. Spider-Man Plays Both Sides

In the comics, Spider-Man was known to have been on both sides of the dispute, having worked under Tony Stark as Iron Spider and unmasking himself, and then switching over to Captain America's side when he realized how much the superhero registration act burdened his own family with danger, and how borderline dictatorial Tony Stark was becoming.

He is absolutely necessary to CM: Civil War in that he is able to shed light on both sides of the argument, and I desperately hope that this role will be filled when he returns to the big screen.

1. Marvel Needs a Big Name to Shake things Up

With BvS: Dawn of Justice, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, X-Men: Apocalypse, and bunch of other blockbuster titles slated for release, Marvel needs more than just another Avengers movie, they need a return of a flagship title and a name that hasn't graced the silver screen in years, and they need it to be done right.

Spider-Man's role in CM: Civil War will, without a doubt, be the start of a new era of Marvel movies. With Spider-Man, the company will be able to create more crossovers, more opportunities for our favorite web-slinger to star in his own movies, and for the company to compete with other studios that have been hitting the bar with their own flagship titles.

And those are my top three reasons why Marvel NEEDS Spider-Man in their movies ASAP! Tell me what you think below!


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