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Well, I recommended you guys to not watch episode 30 of Dragon Ball Super last time because it was basically a flashback of the previous episodes. But, this episode 31 is not like that and contains new story. Overall it was good. And technically new story wise I would say it’s the 3rd episode of Dragon Ball Super. So, I would recommend watching it.

This episode mainly revolved around the history of Bulma and Jaco. We get a reflection of their history from some flashbacks. Remember the trailer of episode 31? Many of us thought that little girl driving that spaceship was Vegeta and Bulma’s daughter bra. But, the flashback actually showed kid Bulma. If you want to find out more about this galactic patrol man jaco and other related stuffs. I would suggest you to read the manga. Yes, there’s a separate manga on jaco.

There were not many scenes from others. Goku,Vegeta, Piccolo and others made appearances on the episode. They did nothing serious or important. Just some casual jokes.

However, as you know Bulma created the super dragon ball radar and asked for Jaco’s help to travel and go to the center of the universe. That would make the tracking easier! But, Jaco mentioned Zuno. Zuno is a superior being who possesses the knowledge of each and everything of the universe. Even more than any kaioshin sama’s in short more than anyone else in existence. So, basically they went to this all knowing guy to know more about the super dragon balls.

Bulma and Jaco lands on Zuno’s planet and is welcomed by 4 similar looking slaves or guards or whatever. They are informed that to meet Zuno they must take an appointment 7 years in advance. However, a red bad guy appears just like that with perfect timing. And Jaco saves them from the red bad guy and thus as reward they get to meet Zuno.

Well, this entire Zuno scene was played out humorously. I was expecting a bit different type of look of this all knowing character Zuno. But, yeah he had a serious look but in a comedic weird design. This oversized shaved head with a pony tail and a lot of weirdness.

In total, Jaco and Bulma earned 4 questions. Jaco by giving 1 kiss to Zuno got the permission to ask only one question because he is not a female. And Bulma got to ask 3 questions because she is a female. It is implied generally Zuno would give more chances to a female but Bulma is a middle-aged woman and not his type. This 4 question thingy was funny. Guess what they wasted 3 out of 4 questions. Classic joke and also their traditional habit of wasting wishes now turned into wasting questions. Damn! These character never learn. By the way, I really really appreciate jaco’s first question. He actually asked Zuno about Bulma’s breast size. Now, this was a very crucial one and many fans lost years after years of their life in attempt of finding out the exact measurements. Accurate Measurements Of Bulma's Boobs -( ) However, the necessary information that they got from him is actually about the history of the super dragon balls. Zuno said –

‘The Super Dragon Balls were created by the Dragon God,Zarama, in Year 41 of the Divine Calendar. A refraction technique was made for the balls to appear as stars from any direction because they are the size of planets. ‘

Obviously they had more questions to ask. But, they will have to wait another year for it.

Well, that’s basically it and for the ending they came to earth and all.

Obviously, we got the trailer of episode 32. And no more filler we are heading right into the tournament next episode. No, matches aren’t likely to start. But, they are going to the tournament spot. Most importantly, we will get to see all the Universe 6 fighters for the first time in the anime series! There’s a saiyan cabe, there’s a frieza race character Frost and others. We also get to see the much anticipated mystery fighter Monaka, who is stronger than Goku. We also got to see some really intense training scene of Goku and Vegeta So, the next episode will have a lot to offer. Make sure you don’t miss or skip it.

That’s all for now! Bless the comment section with your opinion.



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