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Activision seem to have been a little unfair to us Crash fans recently. The specific subject I'm talking about is the possibility of a new game. For the last few years, there have been talks and rumours of Activision (or preferrably Sony) bringing the popular Bandicoot back.

Last week, Playstation's Mid East uploaded this image to its official Twitter account:

Rough Translation: Most Wanted-Where Are You Crash?
Rough Translation: Most Wanted-Where Are You Crash?

And a few days later, at the New York Toy Fair, NECA Toys director Randy Falk told Youtuber PixelDan that SONY(!) was bringing Crash Bandicoot back:

We've got back in with Sony. And looking at some of their other titles...I see they're bringing Crash Bandicoot back, so there's some great stuff there.

Chances are, this could just mean Sony are working with NECA on a new toy range. However, it could also mean a new game. Rumours and speculation around a new Crash Bandicoot game have been going around the internet for the last few years. However, speculation really took off in 2013 when accidently leaked a Crash Bandicoot PS4 image onto their site, which was was later removed.

And, in November 2013, this shot was shown in PS4's Launch Advert, once again causing speculation amongst fans.

The first Crash Bandicoot game was released by Naughty Dog for the Playstation in 1996. The success of the game earned itself two sequels and a racing game under Naughty Dog's name, as well as a mascot for the PS1. The series was then handed over to numurous developers over the years, including Universal, Vivendi and Konami. The last one, Mind Over Mutants, was released in 2008 via Activison.

So what do you think? Are we going to getting a new Crash Bandicoot game, or is the teasing all for nothing?


Do You Think A Crash Game Is Going To Happen?


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