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With the recent promo released for Season 4 of Bates Motel (below), a lot was revealed in terms of our expectations for the upcoming season, but what is revealed in the promo leads to other mysteries. Here are my thoughts on what will happen to the Bates family and those around them in Season 4.

1. A Damaged Yet Dangerous Norman

In the Season 3 finale, Norman killed one of his love interests, Bradley Martin, and his actions on that day are sure to haunt him and make him rethink who he really is. He dislikes people who go against him and despises men who date his mother, so this will surely cause his mind to edge towards insanity.

In the trailer, we see him banging on a door screaming "Mother!" most likely trying to either attack or see Norma. Without hesitation, he breaks open another door in order to do so. In the trailer, there's also a scene where Norman tries to punch a man but gets knocked out instead. This shows that he isn't playing around and is willing to fight, or kill, to get what he wants. Speaking of killing, there is also a dead body being buried mid-trailer, who this body could be is anyone's guess (I hope it's not Emma). Regardless of if the scene is real or a dream sequence, it can be inferred that the killer was Norman. He might think of killing her because she likes his half brother, Dylan, or he might kill him for being with her, or both. We can never know what Norman will do, for he attacks with the element of surprise and we are always left guessing what he will do next. We don't know for sure what he thinks, making him a mysterious and interesting character. Norman in Bates Motel is as menacing and dangerous as ever, and is beginning to become the Norman Bates we saw in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

2. The Deterioration Of Norma And Norman's Relationship

As I mentioned before, Norman was displaying extreme aggression towards his mother when they were separated by nothing but a door. Later in the trailer we see Norman grab Norma outside as she's trying to escape the house and it cuts to a scene where she grabs a kitchen knife and heads to the basement to confront Norman. She is starting to realize how dangerous he can really be and is starting to lose her love and her trust in him. At the same time, Norman doesn't like who she will become, and he says "you're dead to me."

Over the past three seasons we've seen their relationship gradually strengthen, almost to the point of being sexual from Norman's perspective, but now it seems like it will all go downhill. This will cause severe stress and change their lives forever. Norman might still find a sort of sexual attraction towards his mother, while at the same time his mental psychosis and neuroticism will lead him to believe he really is Norma.

3. Norma Falling In Love... Again

It's no lie that every season Norma has fallen in love, or at least has been in a relationship. In Season 1, it was Zack Shelby, Season 2 was George Heldens, and in Season 3, it was James Finnigan for a short amount of time. My theory is that Norma will either meet someone new in Season 4, with whom she falls in love and even has sexual relations with — and it could be Sheriff Romero. Whoever it may be, we all know that the person who Norma dates will end up in a sticky situation.

What I love about this show is not only the story, acting, and aesthetics, but also how unpredictable it is. One can never really know what to expect. I'm very excited for Season 4, which premieres March 7th (and Season 5 in 2017). It will be an incredible ride!


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