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The Star Wars saga has engaged several generations of fans and viewers of all ages. It carries many themes relevant to our society and our day and age. One aspect of these movies is the characters and how they are relate to modern psychology. This article profiles many of these characters and lists their traits in the lowest form of wit. It explores how they think and behave. Maybe you are like some of these characters or know someone who is. Perhaps you can relate to them very well. Of course some of them are crazy and should never be messed with. Others are just plain insecure. Many of those on this list suffer from personality disorders, which stems from a huge sense of entitlement. Personality-disordered individuals will forcefully defend their position, and their “wants” are expressed as “needs”. They create a large emotional disconnect within their hearts and minds, in order to justify their own actions. Nevertheless this article will enter into the recesses of their minds and help you understand what these characters are going through:

All information comes from the DSM-IV (Diabolic & Sadistic Manual, Fourth Edition)

Luke SkywalkerDepression

The hero of the Star Wars saga had tell-tale signs of depression. As a teenager he grew up on Tatooine, the armpit of the galaxy. He was always moody and unsure of himself. He was raised by his Uncle Owen and was always upset about the father he never knew. His gloom manifested in not doing chores, hanging out in bars, and animal cruelty when “bulls-eyeing womp rats”. He was angry about his meaningless life as a moisture farmer and believed he was destined for something greater. He wanted to join the Imperial Academy in order to make a name for himself. However his uncle held him back and hid the truth from him, so he would not go down the path of his father. But after a turn of events, Luke was sent down a path where he ended up destroying the Death Star and saved the entire galaxy from the empire. After he learned the truth about his father, he went and faced him. His father brought him before the emperor in attempt to turn him to the Dark Side. Luke almost chose to join the Dark Side before he rejected it. Luke still loved his father, believed in him, and forgave him unconditionally, and this turned his father back from the Dark Side.

However, Luke’s depression extended into his old age. After the empire fell, he started up a school to train the new Jedi. One of his students was his nephew Ben Solo. Under the corrupting influence of the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke, the young Ben decided to betray Luke and kill the Jedi students. Then he took the name Kylo Ren and joined the First Order. However Luke blamed himself for all that happened. He lived with intense guilt that the school was destroyed and that his former padawan was using his powers for evil. Although he once faced Palpatine, Luke was scared by Snoke more than anything. To protect himself from the First Order, he hid away at on the planet Ahch-To during a self-imposed exile. He gave a clue to his whereabouts only to one trusted friend named Lor San Tekka. He then went to the first Jedi temple to learn more about the prophecy of the Chosen One. However Luke fell into despair during this time and stopped believing in himself. He wanted to disappear from the galaxy and leave all his problems behind. Although he wanted to see his daughter Rey again, he didn’t seem too happy when she finally arrived. He didn’t want to face the universe again. But just like before, Luke will awaken and rise once again to save the day.

Princess Leia – Histrionic Disorder

She was a famous Senator and revolutionary in the galaxy. However this well-known leader in the Rebel Alliance and later the Resistance shared many characteristics of someone with Histrionic Personality Disorder, also known as the Attention Whore or Drama Queen. She felt uncomfortable in situations where she was not the center of attention. She regularly used her physical appearance to draw attention to herself. She also used overly dramatic speech that lacked in detail, and she rapidly shifted between shallow expressions of emotions. Although strong-willed, she was easily influenced by others and circumstances. She was also flirtatious and considered relationships to be more intimate than they actually were. She exhibited poor impulse control, and she was sensitive to criticism or disapproval. She had a continuous longing for appreciation and made persistent manipulative behavior to meet her own needs.

She was the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. After her birth, she was adopted by Senator Bail Organa and lived on the planet Alderaan. Her excessive attention-seeking was borne out of abandonment issues. While growing up she knew she was adopted, but she did not know the identity of her natural parents. She held a deeply seated fear of being rejected, discarded, or replaced. She also had some serious issues with entitlement and wanted everything her way. During her escape from the Death Star, she referred to her rescuer Chewbacca and said, “Will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way?” She had an on-again off-again relationship with Han Solo until they finally got married. This relationship was always filled with drama. She modeled her behavior before her son Ben Solo, and this may have resulted in him becoming a spoiled brat. However Han Solo knew how to handle Leia’s theatrics. Rather than giving into her demands, he once said, “That's why I would leave, so you would miss me.”

Han Solo – ADHD

This smuggler, scoundrel, and rebel hero from Corellia is the poster child of someone with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. His main characteristics were hyperactivity and paying inattention to details. Rather than thinking through decisions, he relied on impulse. He lived by the mantra of Fire, Ready, Aim! He had a hot temper and frequent mood swings. He made promises he couldn’t keep, made shady deals, and failed to follow through with instructions. He talked a good talk but failed to deliver. He lacked focus and was often forgetful about daily activities. He often suffered from restlessness and boredom. If he could not talk his way out of a situation, he would blast his way out. He did not like to stay in one place too long, and he frequently switched from one activity to another. He could be easily distracted and forget things, especially when he failed to repay Jabba the Hutt.

Han Solo was someone who did what he needed at the moment. He saved his friend Chewbacca from abuse at the hands of an imperial officer. As a result Chewbacca owed him a life debt. When cornered by a bounty hunter named Greedo, Han Solo did shoot first. Later Han Solo got swept up into the Rebel Alliance. If he never joined the alliance, the rebellion would have never survived. He saved his friend Luke Skywalker on more than one occasion. Through some quick thinking, he enabled the rebels to blow up the shield generator at Endor. This enabled the space fighters to fly in and destroy the Second Death Star. If the shield generator was never destroyed, the entire rebel fleet may have been lost.

Han Solo grew as a time went on, and he later became a believer in the Force. Earlier in his life he mocked such an idea. When Han Solo saw his son Ben at Starkiller Base, he decided to confront him. He knew how dangerous and unstable his son was, but he didn’t care. Han was willing to take the gamble and try to turn his son back to the light. He was not attuned to the fact he was confronting a mass murderer, but rather that he was meeting his son. Although his son stabbed him with a light saber in cold blood, Han still loved his son unconditionally. This will play a major role in turning Ben back to the light.

Obi-wan Kenobi – Depression

Just like Luke Skywalker, this Jedi hero also suffered from depression. He experienced this after the great tragedy in his life over his apprentice Anakin. Afterwards he went into hiding and spent his final years in isolation on Tatooine to watch over the young Luke. He showed a lack of motivation and an inability to feel pleasure. He exhibited poor energy for a once vibrant Jedi master. He lived with great guilt over what happened to his young apprentice and for not training him properly. He can't identify himself as a Jedi anymore for obvious reasons, but if he isn't a Jedi then what is he? Owen Lars also blamed him for Anakin going dark and told Obi-Wan not to interact with Luke. Obi-wan never disputed this and felt depressed over the whole thing. Obi-wan experienced great pressure as a Jedi master, since he was training the Chosen One. He held high expectations for his young padawan. He once said to Luke, “I thought I could teach him as well as Yoda. I was wrong.”

He expected Anakin to one day destroy the Sith, not to become one. He then gave up on the Jedi prophecy of the Chosen One and went into despair. After the empire rose and the Jedi were destroyed, Obi-wan spent a long time thinking he was a failure. He couldn’t fathom that the ideals he believed in and fought for were being destroyed. He lived the last few years of his life filled with hurt and toxic shame. He didn’t feel good enough to be called a Jedi, and he had to learn to forgive himself. However he still held on to the hope that Luke, the son of the Chosen One, would one day rise up and save the galaxy. Through the mentoring of Luke, he brought about the return of the Jedi and aided in the destruction of the empire and the Sith. Also when he appeared before Darth Vader, he began to awaken the spirit of Anakin inside him once again.

Jabba the Hutt – Psychopath

This well-known slug and could live a thousand years and never stop growing. He avoided brushing his teeth for weeks and forced hot chicks with metal bikinis to kiss him. He also pulled his women around with long chains. However this notorious gangster had all the characteristics of a psychopath, a manifestation of Anti-Social Personality Disorder. He was impulsive, egocentric, and literally cold-blooded. He was cruel and had great disregard for life, and he liked to kill people on whims based on his mood. His authority over life and death gave him a great sense of power and control. He lacked empathy and remorse, and he often engaged in behaviors that were grounds for arrest. Other criminals and psychopaths felt at home around him.

Jabba the Hutt came from an entire family of outlaws. He began his own gang to control criminal activity and smuggling in the Outer Rim. He was full of greed and always liked to cash in on the profits. He was willing to manipulate anyone to get what he wanted. He enjoyed all of life’s hedonistic pleasures, at the expense of everyone else. He liked to feed his enemies to hideous monsters for entertainment, and he laughed at their screams. Sometimes he enjoyed sticking victims inside his torture chamber. He also stuck Han Solo on the wall frozen in carbonite, to make an example of what happens to smugglers who drop their shipments. However Jabba the Hutt’s luck ran out after Princess Leia, one of his bikini clad beauties, wrapped a chain around his neck and strangled him to death.

Darth Maul – Schizoid Sociopath

A schizoid sociopath is the ultimate serial killer. This is a co-morbid combination of Schizoid and Anti-Social Personality Disorders. An example on earth of this personality is the dreaded serial killer Michael Myers. While a run of the mill schizoid is harmless, the combined sociopathic element of his personality makes him particularly sinister. Darth Maul became famous for his double bladed light saber. He felt no emotions except anger, hate, and fear. He was a violent and emotionally disconnected individual, and his mind was filled with darkness. Darth Maul was created by the manipulation of Darth Sidious. He went on rampages to kill people, and he felt no compassion or empathy for his victims. He preferred being a loner and took pleasure in few, if any, activities. He lacked any friends or close confidants, other than one or two people he deemed special. He had no desire to be part of a family and had no interest in mating or copulation. Although intelligent, he was impulsive and failed to plan ahead. He exhibited reckless disregard for the safety of himself and others. He distanced emotionally from himself to cope with all the pain.

Darth Maul was someone who never stood a chance. His mother Talzin was a witch, and everyone in his family was evil. After his birth on Dathomir, his mother had him covered in Sith tattoos. His mother didn’t know how to love. When he was a baby, his mother convinced Darth Sidious to adopt him to train him as a Sith lord. Darth Sidious didn’t really know what to do with him. But with the blessing of his master Darth Plagueis, he received permission to train him, but only as an assassin. So Darth Maul began a brutal training regimen. Darth Sidious encouraged behavior such as anger and hate, while things such as love or mercy went punished. Darth Maul hated and feared his master, but at the same time respected and revered him. He was the only man that Darth Maul felt any attachment towards. He never thought of killing him until his final test. Near the end of his training, he was left on an isolated world in the Outer Rim filled with assassin droids. After a month Darth Sidious appeared to him and provoked Maul into killing him. Sidious informed him that he was unworthy of being a Sith and had been replaced. So he mauled his teeth into his master’s hand and spat the blood back at him. Because Maul was willing to do this, he was informed that he passed the test and became his master’s apprentice.

Darth Maul’s greatest desire was to destroy the Jedi. Early in his career, he was cut in half on Naboo by Obi-wan Kenobi and fell into an abyss. However it seems he survived this encounter and was taken to a nearby trash planet named Lotho Minor. Due to his humiliating defeat by the Jedi, he spent the next few years under insanity with only his hate keeping him alive. After his mind was restored, he took his brother Savage Opress as his apprentice. Later Darth Sidious appeared before them on Mandalore. Sidious betrayed Darth Maul and killed Savage Opress. This time Maul had become a threat, and Sidious informed him he had been replaced. He requested mercy in death, but Darth Sidious informed him that there was no mercy. He then proceeded to use Maul as bait to fish out his mother Talzin, who had become a rival of the dark lord. Legend holds that Darth Maul later died on Tatooine after Owen Lars shot him in the head. So the life of this pawn ended with emptiness.

Darth Tyranus – Sociopath

As a former Jedi master named Count Dooku, Darth Tyranus had the characteristics of a sociopath, another manifestation of Anti-Social Personality Disorder. He joined the Dark Side of the Force after Darth Maul and helped his master Darth Sidious in the Grand Plan to take over the galaxy. He was a well-intentioned Jedi that fell from grace. Although he had a conscience, it had holes in it. He used his position and strengths to gain power for himself. He was not like this as a youth, since master Yoda would have reprimanded him for such behavior and even refused to train him. As the years went by, Dooku became more disenchanted and disillusioned with the Republic because of its corruption. He didn't understand friendship or emotions such as love or joy. Palpatine noticed this and offered to train him in the ways of Sith. Dooku agreed and slowly became consumed by the Dark Side. To show his devotion to the Dark Side, he offered to kill his trusted friend and fellow Jedi knight Sifo-dyas.

Count Dooku ruled as a tyrant. While he wanted to end the galaxy’s corruption, Dooku’s real goal was to take over the galaxy and reshape it into his image. He helped Palpatine begin a civil war in attempt to bring down the Republic. He fought on the side of the Separatists, while his master pulled the strings and became the leader of both sides. The Chairman of the Trade Federation Nute Gunray informed Count Dooku how he was manipulated and betrayed by Darth Sidious. Count Dooku informed his master on all Gunray’s activities. They used this information to manipulate Gunray further and tricked him into serving Darth Sidious once again. Count Dooku hated and feared his master, because he knew he could not trust him. He feared what his master might do to him. However he could not escape the bargain he made, since he was already consumed by the Dark Side. He seemed genuinely saddened that his former apprentice Qui-gon Jinn had passed away.

Later he asked Obi-wan Kenobi to join him as his apprentice and help him overthrow Palpatine. He was desperate to be freed from the yoke of his master. However Obi-wan refused his offer outright. When he got into a light saber duel with Obi-wan and Anakin Skywalker, he really didn’t want to kill them. However he viewed their deaths necessary for the good of the Republic, since they were hindering his personal goals. Later Darth Sidious felt that the Republic was too close to discovering his true identity. So he had Count Dooku capture him and keep him aboard his ship to throw off the scent. He promised to intervene if anything should happen to Dooku. Sidious secretly arranged to test Anakin’s skills against him. He wanted to know if Anakin was worthy of becoming a Sith. During the duel Dooku got his hands cut off by Anakin. Then Darth Sidious told Anakin to kill him, and Dooku was too arrogant to believe he was defeated. Instead of revealing the identity of the master who betrayed him, Dooku remained in a state of shock. Before he knew it, his head was bouncing on the floor.

Darth Vader – Borderline Disorder

This super villain and deadbeat dad showed many signs of Borderline Personality Disorder. Someone with this disorder can be described as bat dooky crazy. Rather than being pure evil, they have a light side and a dark side. The light side draws someone towards them, and then the dark side rears its ugly head and destroys them. Emotionally he was a third degree burn victim. Equally fractured individuals tend to seek borderlines out as partners and become co-dependents. Darth Vader was born on Tatooine as a slave named Anakin Skywalker. He was a child conceived through the Force. The Jedi knight Qui-gon Jinn correctly identified him as the Chosen One, who would bring balance to the Force. As Anakin moved from childhood to adolescence, he showed problems with impulse, rage, and identity crisis. He carried a deep sense of unworthiness and self-hatred. He had difficulty controlling anger (those evil sand people), breaking with reality (after women in his life died or left), impulsivity (dangerous pod racing), and an obsession with abandonment (those women again). He also had unstable and intense relationships that switched between extremes of idealization and devaluation. (Did someone say Obi-wan?) Anakin also lacked a sense of identity and didn’t know who he was or what he wanted.

The evil Palpatine saw the unstable Skywalker and slowly pushed him into darkness. From the moment he met him, he began a process of manipulating him. After he tricked him into joining the Dark Side, Palpatine convinced him to kill off all his enemies. After Anakin cut off the hand of Mace Windu, he had to do everything Palpatine said if he wanted to save his own skin. So Anakin became his apprentice as Darth Vader. After Palpatine executed Order 66 and Darth Vader invaded the Jedi Temple to kill the young padawans, almost all of his friends were dead. This enabled Palpatine to become emperor. Anakin feared abandonment, yet his actions pushed everyone away. He viewed his wife Padme as a prize he had won, and he sought to kill anyone that tried to take her from him. Anakin hated himself for these actions, but he had nowhere else to go. Rather than blaming himself for everything and jumping off a bridge, he blamed the Jedi for all that went wrong. He then committed himself to destroy the remainder of the Jedi knights. Victims of borderline rage often times question themselves for years after the event, convinced they were the crazy one. Borderlines instill their emptiness inside others and leave them in despair. After Obi-wan cut off his limbs and left him to burn in a lava pit, Darth Vader blamed him for everything and wanted to exact revenge against him. This left Obi-wan in a major depression. Darth Vader exhibited suicidal behavior when he charged at Obi-wan who held the high ground. However Vader never looked at himself to see if he possibly did anything wrong.

Palpatine did not save Darth Vader from the lava to be nice. Rather he did not want to lose his prized apprentice. He took Padme's life essence and used the Dark Side to transfer it into Anakin. Palpatine also put him into a suit and saw this as a means to control him. The suit was uncomfortable and limited his power. Palpatine crushed Anakin by telling him he killed Padme in his anger. Palpatine no longer had to fear Anakin becoming strong enough to overcome him. Darth Vader hated and feared his master more than anything. If he didn’t obey all his orders, he knew the emperor would kill him. As a result he blindly followed everything he said. He was a slave to his dark master, and he could not find a way out. He lived a life of self-pity and self-hatred, which caused him to tap into the power of the Dark Side. He stayed with Palpatine with the hope of one day extracting revenge against the dark lord and killing him. Later he discovered he had a son named Luke. Then Darth Vader saw an opportunity to overthrow his slave master and become emperor. However when Darth Vader brought his son before the emperor, Luke was able to show him the light side. When the emperor was going to kill Luke, Anakin Skywalker was reborn. He then killed Darth Vader. Anakin rejected both the Dark Side and his old master. Then he found the strength to pick up the emperor and throw him down the shaft. Anakin gave his life for his son in the ultimate act of redemption, and then his soul joined the Force.

Kylo Ren – Borderline Disorder

Also known as Darth Emo, Darth Tantrum, or Darth Vader, Jr., Kylo Ren also had many characteristics of Borderline Personality Disorder. He wanted to be just like his Grandpa Vader. He was insecure, conflicted, and temperamental. He had no sense of worth and zero self-esteem. Although a grown man, he threw destructive temper tantrums. He made frantic efforts to avoid abandonment. He hurled himself to the dark side and revered Darth Vader. He missed Darth Vader every day, even though he never met the man. Kylo Ren wanted to be more evil and darker than dark, to avoid being cast out. He devalued and idolized his family. He seemed to waver with missing his family, when he talked about the need to stop himself from turning back to the light. He also loathed them, as demonstrated with his actions towards his father. He tried to identify strongly with the Dark Side, because he had no identity of his own. He was impulsive and also battled chronic feelings of emptiness. He engaged in self-harm and suicidal behavior. For instance, during the light saber duel at Starkiller Base, Kylo Ren kept punching his wound. This pain and anger allowed him to tap into the power of the Dark Side.

Kylo Ren is a rather pathetic character. He was born as Ben Solo and was the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia. He seemed so destined for greatness. He was given many talents, was born into the right family, had all the money he ever needed, and his family was giving him the best education. Yet he still managed to throw all that away. He always acted like a spoiled brat. As a youth his parents sent him to Uncle Luke to train with him as a Jedi. However his great grandpa Snoke came to him and noticed his bent towards the Dark Side. Snoke saw how he could manipulate him, by offering to teach him more about Darth Vader. Snoke convinced him to kill the Jedi students at the school and to join the First Order.

Snoke managed to prevent the return of the Jedi order, a thought he hated more than anything. Ben Solo then joined the Knights of Ren and became known as Kylo Ren. Then Snoke began to train Kylo Ren, so he could kill Luke Skywalker. Kylo Ren wanted to live up to Darth Vader’s reputation. He wanted to reject all notions of compassion and goodness. For this reason he ordered to kill all the villagers on Jakku in cold blood. He uses his grandfather's cracked kyber crystal inside his light saber, because he believes it gives him special powers. At Starkiller Base he met his father Han Solo. He hated the man, yet he felt conflicted. His father urged him to come back to the light. Kylo Ren almost returned to the light before he rejected it. Then he killed his father with a light saber in cold blood. Then he went even deeper into darkness. However if Anakin Skywalker ever returned to speak to Kylo Ren, he would call him an idiot. He would ask, “Why do you want to be part of something that I fought to be freed from?”

Jango Fett – Narcissist

This famed bounty hunter has all the characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The size of his ego and grandiose sense of self-importance will confound most mere mortals. Jango Fett’s most notable contribution to the galaxy was the creation of the Clone army. In exchange for a large sum of money, he donated his genetic material to become a template for millions of clone soldiers. These troops played a huge role in the Grand Plan of Emperor Palpatine’s manipulation. However Jango Fett’s motives are quite simple. He had no care or concern for what might happen to these clones. Jango just wanted to spread his image across the galaxy. He wanted everyone alive to be aware of the presence of Jango Fett. This attention and notoriety gave him a huge source of narcissistic supply.

However Jango took things to another extreme with creating an unaltered clone for himself named Boba. He played a huge role in Jango’s master plan. Most people have children because they want a part of themselves to continue on in the future. Jango viewed himself as the perfect genetic specimen. He would have no problem finding a woman to mate with, because chicks dig armor. However he did not want to mix his genetic material with someone else to create a lesser life form. He wanted his son Boba to one day clone himself as well, to make a continued line of Jango Fetts. He wanted this line of bounty hunters to remain a permanent fixture of terror in the galaxy. While his narcissism might seem rather benign to the other narcissists on this list, Jango’s actions caused untold pain and destruction to all the lives they touched.

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The Worst Take Your kid To Work Day Ever

Boba Fett – Schizoid Sociopath

Just like Darth Maul, Boba Fett is the ultimate serial killer. The two of them share similar characteristics. Boba Fett is a detached and emotionally disconnected individual that feels nothing for his victims. He was also prone to animal cruelty and jet pack malfunctions. He has no political aspirations; he just wants to kill people. As a bounty hunter, he gains a sense of power from the fear he instills across the galaxy. Boba Fett experienced a traumatic event during his childhood. During the Battle of Geonosis, Boba saw his dad get decapitated by the Jedi. Although this was a justified killing, this did not matter at all to Boba Fett. When he held up his father’s severed head, he become more hardened and callous than ever. He vowed to take revenge against the Jedi, by living up to his father’s name.

Boba Fett’s characteristics are most seen with his relationship with Darth Vader. It’s obvious the two had a long on-going relationship with each other. Whenever Darth Vader wanted to hunt someone down, Boba Fett was often contracted to find them. However Darth Vader gave him a staunch warning when he sent him after Han Solo and the crew of the Millennium Falcon. He said, “I want them alive. No disintegrations. ” It appears that he had a long habit of frying his victims with a ray gun which turned them into piles of bone and ash. He then would throw them on Darth Vader’s desk and ask for his bounty. Darth Vader had grown sick of not being able to identify his victims.

However Boba Fett did not live up to his father’s plan or expectations. While Jango Fett’s armor was polished and pristine, Boba’s armor was beat up and damaged. Boba had no real concern for his well-being or even his image. He also did not clone himself, as his father had intended. He also had numerous dealings with Jabba the Hutt, because he paid well and often granted him a license to kill. After Luke Skywalker hit his jet pack and sent him flying into the hungry Sarlacc, Boba Fett’s career as a bounty hunter came to a sudden end.

Jar Jar Binks – ADHD

Love him or hate him, this Gungan outcast also had the characteristics of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. He was interested in many different things and had a lively personality. He was often aloof in his behavior and was easily distracted. He found it hard to get along with others and had trouble making friends. He bugged Jedi knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-wan Kenobi a lot and unknowingly made a fool out of himself. With his erratic actions, he was hyperactive and impulsive. Not only did he have trouble focusing, he also had trouble sitting still or being quiet even for short periods of time. He was always on the go, as if driven by a motor. He didn’t pay close attention to details and often made careless mistakes. He appeared to not listen when spoken to and had difficulty remembering things and following instructions. He also frequently lost or misplaced important items.

Jar Jar Binks hailed from the planet Naboo. Although well-meaning, he was simple minded. He struggled to prove his worth throughout his life. His antics frequently annoyed those around him. Qui-gon Jinn and Padme Amidala were the only ones that ever showed him real compassion. He often seemed unaware of his surroundings. This was evident when he stepped in poop or when he got his tongue stuck between power couplings. He tended to act impulsive when scared, as seen when he jumped on Qui-gon Jinn and almost tackled him. Jar Jar Binks played a major role in shaping the galaxy. Later he was elected to represent the Gungans in the Senate.

After a couple assassination attempts on Amidala’s life, Jar Jar agreed to fill in for her during her absence. However Binks was easily manipulated by more experienced politicians who preyed upon his innocence. They convinced him that the creation of a Grand Army of the Republic was a course of action Amidala would have taken. In fact Amidala had fought against such an idea. He believed it was his duty to act in her stead. So he suggested the Senate give the now Supreme Chancellor Palpatine the emergency powers required to create the Grand Army of the Republic. The motion passed, and soon afterwards with the Battle of Geonosis, the Clone Wars began. Because of his childlike innocence, no one including the Jedi suspected this might be a power grab. However at the end of the crisis, Palpatine did not return his powers to the Senate. He crowned himself emperor instead and labeled the Jedi as traitors. Jar Jar grew as a character as time went on. He was truly sad at Amidala’s death. However at the end of the day, he was just another victim of Palpatine’s manipulation.

Boss Nass – Sociopath

As the leader of the Gungans, Boss Nass is the perfect example of someone on the sociopath spectrum. His anti-social behavior is most evident during his dealings with Jar Jar Binks. Boss Nass banished Jar Jar from the Gungan City because he was clumsy. To give some back story, Jar Jar flooded his underwater mansion during a party and then wrecked his personal submarine. When Boss Nass found out about this, he was pissed. In addition to banishing him, he also promised to punish him if he ever returned. No one can blame the Boss for doing this. Accidents like this should never happen again.

However this is where things get shady. Later Jar Jar Binks went with the Jedi into the swamp. There Jar Jar just so happened to unite the Gungans with the Naboo people and brought an end to their long rivalry and years of mistrust. Now Jar Jar was a national hero. Then Boss Nass came up with a brilliant idea. He promoted Jar Jar to the rank of Bombad General. Basically he was a general in charge of blowing things up. This was really an honorary position while the real commander was still General Tarpals. He then put him on the front lines during the planned Gungan battle with the droid army. This was intended to draw the droids away from the Naboo palace. Boss Nass stuck Jar Jar there in the hopes that he would die.

However this plan backfired. Jar Jar survived the battle and become a war hero. Now Boss Nass couldn’t kill him, even if he wanted to. So he gave the Gungans the idea of electing Jar Jar Binks to the Senate as representative of the Gungans. This would get him off the planet of Naboo and put him most of the time on Coruscant. Now Jar Jar Binks was someone else’s problem. Boss Nass really did not care what happened in the Senate, since they never did anything that affected him. The Gungans never regretted their decision until the empire came their way, after Jar Jar Binks voiced the measure to grant Supreme Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers. Unfortunately, Senators like Jar Jar Binks exist in the Milky Way Galaxy as well.

C-3PO – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

It appears that our droids had some issues as well. Even though C-3PO could speak six million forms of communication, this protocol droid had all the characteristics of OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. This souped up butler had a sense of perfectionism that interfered with getting tasks accomplished. He had the need for symmetry, total order in his environment, and an overwhelming need to have things just so. He had a great preoccupation with details, rules, and schedules. He was excessively rigid, inflexible, and stubborn. He worried an enormous amount about making mistakes. He always feared having caused some fatal tragedy or that he had failed in his tasks. He had excessive concerns about morality and what is proper, as if such things were important to a droid. Also during times of crisis, the repeating certain words or numbers made him feel safe.

C-3PO was created on Tatooine out of spare parts by the young Anakin Skywalker to help his mom around the house. Early on C-3PO was embarrassed that he was incomplete and that his parts were showing. He liked to avoid confrontation. When he found himself at the middle of the Battle of Geonosis, he said, “There's been some terrible mistake. I'm programmed for etiquette, not destruction.” After his memory was erased he felt uncomfortable in unfamiliar environments, especially when he returned to Tatooine with the Death Star plans. He took offense to being called names as Goldenrod. He liked to shout out a bunch of statistics, much to the annoyance of everyone else. When navigating the asteroid field, Han Solo said, “Never tell me the odds.” After C-3PO was blown to pieces on Cloud City, Chewbacca tried to put him back together. However C-3PO became upset when his head was put on backwards. At Endor the heroes were captured by Ewoks, who planned to cook them in a stew. Because of his golden armor, the Ewoks thought he was a god. Han Solo told him to use his divine influence and get them out of this. C-3PO said, “That wouldn’t be proper. It’s against my programming to impersonate a deity.” However he exhibited much loyalty and commitment to his masters, and he sought to serve them to the best of his ability. He and his counterpart R2-D2 also played an important role in bringing down the Galactic Empire.

R2-D2 – Profanity

Need we say more? This little white garbage can was one mouthy bastard. He might communicate with beeps and whistles, but this was just to protect the ears of young children. People might be surprised if they knew what he really said all the time. With his boops and beeps, he tended to be blunt and direct. This Astromech droid was created on the planet Naboo, and greatly served people in the Republic and later the Rebel Alliance. He saved the lives of the heroes countless times. However folks may have done themselves a favor if they just listened to him more.

Darth Sidious – Malignant Narcissist

He was one of the most powerful characters in Star Wars and exemplified pure evil. He came from the planet Naboo, and his profile matches that of most dictators. He was the cancer of the galaxy. His entire personality was a combined lethal dose of narcissism and sociopathy. His behavior stemmed from his huge issues of entitlement. Also known as Emperor Palpatine, he was a complete megalomaniac and full of delusions of grandeur. He was so filled with darkness, there was nothing about him to redeem. His lust for power was so strong it could never be satisfied, unless the entire galaxy was beneath his thumb. The praise and adoration of the galaxy gave him an unlimited source of narcissistic supply. Since politicians are evil, the easiest place for him to hide was in the government. He wore a mask of normalcy, sympathy, and benevolence to hide his true intentions. He put up a false self in order to hide his true self. During his youth, he killed his entire family to show his devotion to the Dark Side.

This anti-Christ character was highly intelligent and nothing short of a genius. His pathological lying was second nature to him. He was an insidious master manipulator who moved all political situations to his advantage. He became a Senator, then Supreme Chancellor, and ultimately the Emperor. He lacked a conscience and had no love or concern for anyone. He stuck people upon pedestals and then devalued and discarded them. His apprentices hated and feared him, and Darth Sidious rather liked it that way. He perverted the Rule of Two into a Rule of One. He had no intention of letting an apprentice usurp his power, so he came up with a plan to keep killing his apprentices and replace them. He wanted to rule the galaxy as the eternal Sith lord. He started wars, destroyed entire planets, and committed mass murder and genocide to aid his rise to power. He also tricked Anakin Skywalker into joining him as an apprentice and becoming Darth Vader.

Darth Sidious was a somatic narcissist, who relied on his charm and looks to get what he wanted. He exhibited cruel and sadistic behavior, yet forged a presence of compassion and goodness. He was very patient, a trait he probably learned from his master. He waited for years to see his plans unfold. However with most narcissists, the most fragile thing was his ego. Darth Sidious tried to kill his master after he thought his master taught him everything he knew. He was also arrogant enough to believe he succeeded in killing him. Later he tried to recruit Luke Skywalker to become his new apprentice, since he saw Darth Vader as a disappointment. Darth Sidious received a huge narcissistic injury when Luke Skywalker refused his offer to join the Dark Side. No one had ever told him no before. The emperor became filled with rage and sought to destroy the young Luke. This awakened the good side of Darth Vader, where he threw the emperor down the shaft to save his son. The emperor was destroyed by a power he did not understand, which was love. Then an explosion of dark energy erupted from the reactor. So the evil reign of Darth Sidious came to an end, and the wretched emperor was sent to the place where he belonged.

Supreme Leader Snoke – Malignant Narcissist

Now the worst for last… Snoke is by far the biggest villain of Star Wars and perhaps of all time. He embodied pure evil and was by far the most powerful Sith lord in the history of the galaxy. Without him there would be no Star Wars and no Skywalker family. Evil has a name. He shared many traits of Darth Sidious, because in fact he was his master Darth Plagueis. If Darth Sidious was the anti-Christ, then Darth Plagueis was the Devil. He created all the major problems that plagued the galaxy. He is physically frail, but he is powerful mentally and also strong in the Dark Side of the Force. He was also the only one to ever outsmart Palpatine. Because of his brilliant and logical mind, many regarded him as wise.

Darth Plagueis came up with the Grand Plan that Darth Sidious put into action. The major motivation behind his behavior was his ego. Plagueis wanted to trump and outdo his old apprentice and rule the galaxy as the eternal Sith lord. He used his apprentice as a pawn in his own little game. Plagueis created an evil unlike anything the galaxy had ever seen. He sought to control the galaxy by leaving it in darkness. He took the worst aspects of the empire and amplified them when he created the First Order. Although Sidious was content to control the reins of government, Plagueis believed in totalitarianism. Not only did he want to control hearts and minds, he also wanted to decide what people thought and believed. For his reason he began a huge propaganda and brainwashing campaign in order to rewrite history. He desired to corrupt the youth by filling their minds with propaganda and lies. He wanted to completely obliterate the existence of the Jedi. He also wished to erase all memory of the Jedi and the light side of the force. He also built huge star ships and weapons of mass destruction to bend the galaxy to his will.

Darth Plagueis was a cerebral narcissist, and he used his logic and brainpower to manipulate others to his bidding. He assumes his authority by sitting on a throne. As the master of Darth Sidious, the two orbited each other as a binary system while they sought to increase their power. Sidious needed Plagueis' wisdom and brainpower, and Plagueis needed the power of Sidious' charm and brute strength. Darth Plagueis thought that all the other Sith lords, especially his old apprentice, were fools. His greatest abilities were to create life and to cheat death. Out of arrogance he fathered Anakin Skywalker through the manipulation of the Force. Anakin became known as the Chosen One. Plagueis created him as a super weapon to destroy his enemies, especially the Jedi. He also wanted to use him to destroy his apprentice if he ever needed it. After Plagueis was betrayed by his apprentice, he retreated into the Unknown Regions until the Chosen One finished his job. During the time of the empire, he used the Force to let his old apprentice know he was still alive, but did not give enough information to pinpoint his location. This worried Palpatine greatly, and he feared retribution from his old master. After Darth Plagueis began his return to power, he built the First Order upon the ashes of the fallen empire. The New Republic refused to challenge him, because they wanted peace at all costs. However they made a huge mistake to compromise with evil. It just gave the Dark Side another foothold.

After the Battle of Endor, there was only one Jedi and one Sith left in the entire galaxy. This was Luke Skywalker and Darth Plagueis respectively. Then Luke began a school to train a new generation of Jedi. However Plagueis feared Luke more than anything and dreaded the return of the Jedi. So Plagueis seduced the young and unstable Ben Solo and convinced him to kill the Jedi students. He convinced him to become his new apprentice, by offering to teach him more about Darth Vader. Then Solo joined the Knights of Ren and was renamed Kylo Ren. To end the Rule of Two, Darth Plagueis made the Knights of Ren his apprentices as well. He fed off Kylo Ren’s power and trained him to destroy his Uncle Luke. Upon completion of this task, he wants to destroy Kylo Ren as well and bring an end to the bloodline of the Chosen One. The stakes could never be higher. Darth Plagueis has achieved great power, and his only fear is losing it. Although he prefers not to duel, he is willing to use his powers of the Force when backed into a corner. He has many tricks up his sleeve. However evil always oversteps its bounds. His plan will backfire and Darth Plagueis will destroy himself by his own hand. He will die, just like all villains before him. The Knights of Ren will be destroyed as well. This will bring an end to the Sith and the most evil narcissist in the galaxy.


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