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With The Walking Dead season 6 coming back tonight, let's rank the saddest deaths in TWD history. SPOILERS!!! DUH!!!!

10. Mika and Lizzie Samuels

Lizzie had an opinion on walkers never seen before. She thought they were people with feelings too. So, she decides to prove her point by killing Mika while Carol and Tyreese are away. Once Carol returns, she takes it upon herself to prevent Lizzie from hurting anyone and uses the infamous line, "look at the flowers Lizzie," and shoots her in the back. But even cold Carol became emotional while doing this.


In reality, Andrew killed Lori. He lured the walkers into the prison to have Rick killed and in turn killed Lori. As she was trying to flee the prison, she entered labor. She fled to the boiler room and started having contractions. Lori tried to have the baby naturally, but Maggie had to perform an emergency c-section. Because walkers were surrounding the boiler room door, Maggie had to perform the c-section with a nearby knife. Lori had her chance to say goodbye to her son, Carl, telling him to look after Rick. Lori had Judith and passed out and died from the birth. While Carl and Maggie left, Carl said they couldn't let her reanimate and he went back and killed her. If that's not sad I'm not sure what is.

8. Tyreese Williams

While looking at a picture of Noah and his brothers, he is bitten in the arm ironically by one of Noah's brothers before Noah can kill his brother. His arm is cut off by Michonne, trying to stop the infection from spreading. ( a skill used earlier in the series on Hershel Greene, Beth's father). It fails to work as they can't stop him from bleeding and he eventually dies from blood loss and is stabbed off screen to avoid reanimation. He is buried by the rest of the group.

7. Andrea

The Governor strapped Andrea to a chair and wanted her to be eaten by Milton, who was stabbed in the stomach. Close to death, Milton tells Andrea that a pair of pliers is located behind her. She gets out of the cuffs and attempts to kill Milton upon his wish, but is unsuccessful and is bitten in the neck. The group then finds her. She tells them she wants to kill herself, and Rick hands her a gun while Michonne stays behind for a final goodbye.

6. Merle Dixon

Instead of handing over Michonne to The Governor, Merle plans to kill him. During the ambush Merle is captured by a few woodbarians. The Governor beats Merle and bites off two of his fingers before finally shooting him in the chest. His final words were " I ain't gonna beg". Daryl finds the walker version of Merle feeding on Ben and begins to cry ( A VERY UGLY SIGHT). Daryl holds back killing him until the last possible second then stabs him in the shoulder then head 7 times.

5. Theodore Douglas (T-Dog)

Also killed by the Andrew lured walkers, T-dog was one of the first affected. While trying to close the gates he was bitten and then ran to safety with Carol. They came across 2 walkers and with him being weak and Carol not being who she is now, T- dog sacrificed himself to save Carol. He died shortly after and later on the walkers who killed him were killed by Rick who couldn't even look at what happened to him. Without T-dog who knows what would've happened to Carol. Would she even be here now?

4. Sophia Peletier

Sophia ran away from the group and Rick. She was eventually bitten on the shoulder, died, and reanimated. Off screen, she was found by Otis and taken into Hershel Greene's barn. After Shane opened the door and fire on the barn walkers. However, Sophia was the last to leave the barn. While everyone was in shock and crying Rick stepped up and shot Sophia.

3. Dale Horvath

A walker that Carl had previously had a run in with while it's legs were trapped had gotten loose and found it's way on the property. Dale is examining a cow that has died while patrolling the grounds away from the rest of the group. He turns around to see the walker that Carl had seen and avoids being bitten, but falls. The walker the rips Dale's stomach open. Although the damage is done, Daryl kills the walker. This, of course, draws the attention of the whole group. This includes Carl who sees the walker that did it and cries into Lori's arms. The group realizes he is unsaveable, however, no one steps and ends his pain right away. Rick tries to shoot him but is too 'tore up' to do it. Daryl takes his gun and points it to his head, says "sorry brother', and pulls the trigger.

2. Noah

As you can see above, this is considered one of the most brutal deaths in this series' history. That's why it finds itself at No.2. While trying to escape from the store with Glenn and Nicholas, they become trapped In a rotating door. Nicholas forces the door open allowing the walkers on the other side of the door to grab his legs. The walkers pull his legs and have an all you can eat buffet right In front of Glenn. Glenn, along with the rest of us, are undoubtedly traumatized from this event.

1. Hershel Greene

It's one of the most shocking and upsetting deaths in all of the show, and is deserving of No.1. While burning bodies outside the walls with Michonne, The Governor captures them. He attempted to use them as leverage but was unsuccessful. After Rick begs the Governor to let them go, he refuses under his breath and slices Hershel's neck wide open. This is followed by a firefight and that allows Michonne to slip away. It is very important to note that Hershel is still alive. He begins to slide himself away from the Governer. The Governer catches up to him and decapitates him finally ending the pain. After the firefight, Michonne comes across his severed head and stabs him ending his walker life.

So there you have it. What do you think is the saddest death on the show?


Who had the saddest death?


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