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This is fair warning. If you haven't seen the finale for RWBY, this article will contain plenty of spoilers.

RWBY is a cartoon set in a world where Grimm are creatures that respond to emotions like anger and fear, and they are extremely dangerous. Schools have risen up to train Hunters and Huntresses, people who fight the Grimm and keep citizens safe.

In the final episode of the season, or volumes as Rooster Teeth refers to them, many things happened. For one, a key character died. For another, it was revealed that Ruby is a special type of hunter, a Silver Eyes Hunter. The power was kickstarted when she witnessed the death of one of the characters. Uncle Qrow explains that those with silver eyes have unfathomable power as hunters, and are a legend.

Then there's the fact that the character who died kissed Jaune. Pooooor Jaune. He's finally kissed by someone he likes and they end up dying. That part played with my emotions too, I'll admit.

All in all, the episode was emotional. That included the apparent revelation that instead of sticking by Yang's side, Blake ran. Why did she run? Did she run because Yang was hurt? Does she just feel guilty? Was she trying to escape from Adam?

The finale created more questions than it answered. One thing is for certain though: the next episode will be all the more anticipated.


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