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We have yet to see a villain or even a hint at who it is in any of the [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) footage and that's a good thing! The movie is called Civil War after all. But who's to say we can't theorize? Is Baron Zemo the man behind Civil War? I think so! Here is why.

Alexander Pierce is dead

So we all know Alexander Pierce was the one controlling Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier in Captain America: Winter soldier so, who could be doing it this time in Civil War? If you've seen the Captain America: Civil War TV spot, you can see that Bucky isn't really acting any different from the way he did in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Now of course there is always the possibility that Iron Man himself could have done something to make Bucky take this kind of action but, that's not likely. So, who could be manipulating him? Well only one person comes to mind.

Baron Zemo

Could it be Baron Zemo? Zemo has been known to work with Hydra before so could he be finishing what they started in Captain America: Winter Solder? Or, could Zemo possibly be using Bucky for his own benefit? Maybe start a war perhaps? Who's to say Zemo didn't make Bucky attack Tony stark the way he did knowing it would start a war between Iron Man and Captain America? But, why? Well what do most villains want?


Yep. Revenge. Like Captain America, Zemo is also a man from the past and more than likely has some kind of grudge against Captain America. Much like in the comics. So, with that being said, wouldn't making your fellow teammates fight against your best friend make for great revenge? I sure do! Not to mention General Ross is also in this film and we all know who he eventually becomes.

Could Baron Zemo and General Ross be working together? One can only hope!

What do you think?


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