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The man without fear: Daredevil. After a poorly received (by fans and critics alike) film attempt in 2003, 11 years later Marvel Studios relaunched the character in a 13 episode series on Netflix, and for the most part, everyone loved it. The grit, grounded realism, ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, character development and brutal combat scenes all contributed to the series's praise. With competition on the CW with DC (Arrow and The Flash), Marvel's first Netflix outing really helped Marvel catch up to speed, TV wise, with DC.

Concerning Season 2 of Daredevil coming March 18th, 2016, there are definitely certain features we want to come to fruition. Let's take a look.

A Solid Punisher

After Shane left The Walking Dead in the Season 2 finale, we haven't seen much of Jon Bernthal with the exception of WWII biopic Fury. Well, now he's jumped ship to Marvel Studios's Netflix division as a fan-favorite antihero: The Punisher.

We know how great the Punisher is in the comics and we know Jon Bernthal has already delivered in a comic book role as Shane. This is great casting for the show and even the idea of adding the Punisher as a big role in Season 2 was a very smart move by Marvel for everyone knows adding new characters is a prime strategy to keep viewers coming back to a show or maybe getting people to pick it up.

Hints At Other Properties

Aside from Punisher and Elektra coming aboard in Season 2, there are now characters that are more closely connected with Daredevil. Yes while the big guys (The Avengers) exist in the same universe, the chances of our small and large screen heroes meeting is not on the high side. What we do have however, are the characters from Jessica Jones.

While it'd be great if there was a cameo or two from some of those characters, even simply referencing the events revolving Kilgrave in Hell's Kitchen could put a smile on followers of Marvel's Netflix viewers' faces. Furthermore, doing so could lay a foundation for the impending Defenders series coming sometime in the nearby future on Netflix. Keeping in mind the Defenders, even a hint regarding the incoming Iron Fist would tally up some points for Daredevil's second season.

Patch Up Matt And Foggy's Relationship

Move over Buck and Cap, arguably the greatest friendship in the MCU would have to be that of Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson. It was heartbreaking when Foggy found out about Matt being Daredevil and how he's "not completely blind." In the last episode of Season 1, we saw some of the tension diffused, but re-establishing their relationship could be key for bringing out Season 2's full potential. Furthermore, keep up Karen Page's involvement. She balances those two out and is certainly a pivotal third leg in that "trio."

A Puppeteer Behind The Scenes?

Chances are The Punisher is going to be the "villain" and main opposition in Season 2. The chances also are that he'll end up joining forces with The Punisher to confront an opposer who is likely to be behind the scenes? Who this opposer will be, I have not the slightest clue. While there could be a slew of speculations, (Bullseye, Wilson Fisk's return, etc.) Then again, there's also a chance that my speculation of "a man behind the curtain" is false. Time will tell this March.

More Of That Combat

One of the greatest traits of Netflix's Daredevil was the combat. Remember that hallway fight? In case you forgot, here's something to freshen up your memory.

Ya. That kind of stuff is what we want more of. Bone-crunching, splintering punches that leave a residue of spewed blood on the knuckles and high kicks to the jaw inducing a swift crunch. Daredevil has to be, hands down, responsible for some of the MCU's greatest fights. Oh ya, and on another note, maybe bring back Stick for an episode. His episode really stood out as one that added fuel to the flame for the intense combat displayed in Daredevil.

On a closing note, Daredevil is a great show with potential to only get better. If it follows the aforementioned list I prescribed, it just may succeed in doing so.


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