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As you may know, Hollywood has a twisted mindset of "If it ain't broke, don't fix anything." But as much money as they're making, they're also destroying the opportunity for fresh ideas. Sequels, sequels, and more sequels. And now everything has to be a franchise from the get go. Looking at you Fan4stic. Keep it up Fox! So today we're going to talk about 5 franchises that I think need to be flatlined. Disclaimer: This will offend many of you because I'm sure I'm going to name some movies a lot of you love. I don't care. Let me have it in the comments if you are appalled by anything I have to say. I can take it.

1. The Fast & Furious Franchise

AKA Need for Speed: THE (other) MOVIE
AKA Need for Speed: THE (other) MOVIE

Is this controversial? GOOD. I hate all of these movies (except 5, that one was alright). But it doesn't matter because they keep getting made and making boatloads of money. Why, you ask? Because these movies contain everything that will capture the attention of anybody of age. Buff dudes, women who look like models, nice cars, guns, explosions, beautiful environments in and out of America, and The Rock. This franchise is oversaturated and doesn't really have anything to offer. Can anybody give me a legitimate summary of every film's plot? No, because they're either non-existent or just straight up too dumb to remember. The fact that these movie are making more money as they go is telling Hollywood that this is all people want, which means that this is all we will get. So get ready for 50 more F&F movies (reboots not included).

2. The Taken Franchise

Good Luck.
Good Luck.

The first Taken was actually a pretty good action movie that used its platform to shed some much needed light on the tragedy that is human trafficking. This film also ushered in a genre strictly made up of aged actors kicking ass in movies. But this has turned into a terribly redundant franchise that makes you wonder if maybe this guy is a bad dad. This franchise has no hope left for it and isn't even that popular anymore. Kill it.

3. The Scary Movie Franchise

This franchise began as a fun parody of pop culture focused mainly on horror films. It has stayed true to that, but it is no longer funny, and hasn't been for awhile. Movies like Airplane and Naked Gun got parody right because there was real comedy with some slapstick thrown in as well. This franchise just focuses on what a 13 year old kid will laugh at, and the answer is literally anything. There are no longer any funny jokes in these movies, just bathroom humor and not much else. I watched the last one that came out (4 or 5? doesn't matter it sucked either way), and I was truly embarrassed for the people that had to make these movies. When a comedy isn't funny you have a problem. A big one. This franchise needs to be stabbed in the heart.

4. The Paranormal Activity Franchise

For a franchise that started so strong, it's been quite a journey to awfulness. When I saw the first of the series, there was legitimate suspense and tension. The second and third carried that on (not nearly as well). Then the plots became so convoluted that you couldn't figure out the connection between films until it was thrown in your face. Ugh, I just can't anymore with this. Tobey needs to murder this franchise.

5. TRANSFORMERS (I couldn't wait for this)

Ohhhhhhhhh man I can't even tell you how much I despise this series. Michael Bay has created an empire off of this and it makes me sick. I will say one positive thing about them is that there is some incredible CGI and that deserves to be recognized. But screw that. These movies are terrible. There is no plot. The Autobots act like petty children amongst themselves, yet they are apparently the superior species. And The latest film spent a substantial amount of time explaining the Romeo and Juliet law. There's just so much to hate about these movies. Here's a video from my favorite YouTuber, Mr. Sunday Movies talking about the most recent of the series.


That's it. I can't anymore. I'm done with this awfulness.

What franchise do you think needs to end?
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