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With the over-saturation of superhero films, people automatically think that a comic book film automatically comes with a cape and tights. But that is not the case at all. There are so many great stories in comic books out there that deal with many different genres like science fiction and horror. While Marvel and DC are the most known comic brands; Image, Vertigo and IDW publish some of the most fantastic stories. While they are beautiful in graphic novel form, it would be fun to see these characters come to life and consider what directors could do with them. While there are many other choices out there, these five comic books could make potential film franchises.

1. Saga

Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples created a science fiction treasure with Saga. It’s a Romeo and Juliet story set in a fantasy. Alana and Marko’s races are at war, but they fell in love at first sight. With their newborn daughter, they bounce all over the place to try and escape the authorities who want to kill their half-breed daughter. Even though it would have to be a high budget picture, it would be a beautiful world to explore, and one that wouldn’t be human-centered. Everyone would be a different species, which makes for many different cultures to be meshed together. Plus, it’s a love story. Everyone loves a love story.

2. Locke and Key

When Stephen King’s son writes a horror comic, you know that it’s going to be good. Locke and Key is one of the most disturbing and horrifying comics on shelves. It deals with ghosts, serial killers, and haunted houses. Since his specialty has been ghosts and the supernatural, Guillermo del Toro would be a perfect fit to direct. His use of tension and beautiful scenery make for terrifying films and that is exactly what Locke and Key needs. Del Toro would know how to bring the book’s gothic elements to life, and he has a lot experience with writing about the supernatural from a child’s perspective.

3. Bitch Planet

Bitch Planet certainly had a lot of themes going on, most notably the oppression of women. Bitch Planet is an actual planet where “non-compliant” women are sent. That’s means if you’re too prude, queer, fat or feisty, you’re sent to get “cured.” By cured, I mean used as a slave to promote the patriarchal agenda. The film would essentially be Orange is the New Black in space. The film would focus on a kick-ass female lead who goes out to save all these women and take back the society that they were once a part of. This film has been needed for a while, and it’s about time that it was made.

4. Lumberjanes

With the all-female Ghostbusters coming out this year, the girl squads are becoming cooler and cooler. Lumberjanes is an adorable graphic novel that tells the adventures of five girls with completely different personalities. They disobey their scout leader, get themselves into trouble, and always find a way out by putting their heads together. While this film would be just as good in live action, they really should make it an animated film (hand drawn if we’re being really spoiled). It would preserve the beautiful colors that each panel had while also retaining the nature of the comic.

5. The Sandman

Even though this is most likely unfilmable, The Sandman is a beautiful story full of the supernatural and philosophy. Neil Gaiman never fails to write so poetically and couples his words with beautiful artwork. The storylines can be very disturbing, but it pulls you in from the very first page. All of the characters have vivid personalities and you don’t know whether to fear them or cheer for them. A perfect director for this would be Darren Aronofsky for his experience in surreal filmmaking. If you don’t believe he can pull this masterpiece off, check his films The Fountain and Black Swan:

Since movie goers are slowly getting tired of the predictable superhero films, independent comics can bring a breath of fresh air to the industry. There are so many different stories out there, that there's no reason to stick to the likes of Thor and Iron Man. And with Deadpool being such a success, I think the industries can handle another "wild card."


Which comic book would you like to see adapted?


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