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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

If you are young like myself, you probably have never heard of Eddie The Eagle. The fan favorite British Ski Jumper during the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary made huge waves back in the late 80s. It is definitely a story that deserved to be told, so when Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman teamed up to make Eddie The Eagle, you knew it would be good.

Thanks to MoviePilot, I got to catch an early screening of Eddie The Eagle and boy was I in for a surprise. I must admit, going in I felt that it would be just like every other feel good, against all odds sports film but I was far from wrong. What I got instead was one of the most inspirational films I have ever seen and a truly magical experience. Eddie The Eagle is easily one of my favorite films I have ever watched in the best feel good movies ever!

1. Taron Egerton Is AMAZING!

Taron Egerton is one of Hollywoods fasting rising stars. Jumping on the the scene with Kingsman and Legend, I can easily say that Egerton was the perfect young actor for Eddie Edwards. Dare I say this may be the best performance of his young career and he is vital to the magic of this movie. Everything to his attitude to slight mannerisms really make you believe the character that he is playing. Skis off to you Taron!

2. Hugh Jackman Pulls It Off Great!

In every sports movie, you have a washed up former star that helps the underdog to succeed, while that is basically the case here, Hugh Jackman spiced things up a bit. His character Bronson Perry was more than just your every day washed up athlete, he had true character. This is one of my personal favorite roles that Jackman has ever been in, you will love him even more than you did before! Let it be noted, it's hard to watch him without expecting some claws to pop out!

3. Eddie The Eagles Story Is Really Sad

Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards shows us that no matter what people tell you, always follow your dreams. Eddie's dream of becoming an Olympian was constantly shot down by the Olympic Committee and even his own father. Eddie never gives up on his dream and it shows that with persistence and determination, anything is possible.

4. Eddie Actually Fails...A Lot..

The beauty of this movie that sets this apart from other inspirational movies is the fact that Eddie fails, a lot, and never really is on top. The main point of the film is not to achieve accomplishments sought after by others, but to achieve your own personal goal.

5. The Humor Keeps The Movie Fresh Throughout

One thing that was great about this film was how funny it actually was! With films like these there is always some humor sprinkled in but some of the scenes were down right hilarious. After I see this you will understand why Bo Derek is so funny! The chemistry between Egerton and Jackman is awesome and really makes for one hilarious moments. Taron Egerton playing such an odd guy really adds to the level of humor. I found myself laughing to tears multiple times, it really earns a gold medal for humor!

You Will LOVE Eddie The Eagle!

I must say, Eddie The Eagle really surprised me. I wasn't expecting such an inspirational, fun filmed movie. Taron Egerton really shined here and it is apparent that he is one of the greatest young talents we have today. Hugh Jackman added a great energy to the film and his presence was definitely felt on screen. This movie had me walking out of the theater feeling great and made me motivated to achieve my goals. Anyone who goes and watches this film will surely leave with a smile on your face. Eddie The Eagle is one of my favorite films I have watched in a while and I'm sure you will love it too!

Eddie The Eagle flies into theaters February 26th!


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