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Everyone's favorite merc with the mouth has finally gotten his own movie, and it is AWESOME! Comic book themed films seem to be Hollywood's biggest focus at the moment and it is going to be extremely hard for them to top Deadpool. The levels of awesomeness that has been achieved with this film are almost untouchable. Here is my 100% honest (spoiler free) opinion.

Let's start with Ryan Reynolds, there could not have been better casting. Everyone is aware of Reynolds' comedic skills, but the role of Deadpool brought forth a whole new level of comedy from the immensely talented actor. He was born to play the chimichanga eating, red spandex wearing bad-ass. It wasn't all fun and games, Reynolds got to show a little of his more sensitive, dramatic side with the cancer side of the Deadpool story and he nailed that side too.

The R rating is serious, use your head when deciding whether or not to take little Timmy or Suzy to see this movie. There is some brief nudity and one sex scene, but where the rating really comes into play is the level of violence and of course, the swearing. If you have ever read a Deadpool comic book, you know what to expect, the writers nailed the foul-mouthed, sex joke cracking side of the character. Be prepared for several F-bombs, Cinemablend did the counting, the "F word" is used a total of 84 times throughout the film.

Unlike many other comic book inspired films, Deadpool includes quite a bit of carnage. Deadpool is a fan of guns and swords (and he knows how to use them and they kidnapped his future baby mama) and that combination is bound to cause a crazy body count and a bit of gore.

The best way to describe Deadpool would be a western, a "bro film" and a raunchy comedy wrapped up in a red, spandex onesie of awesomeness. There is a little bit of something for everyone in this movie, guys and girls alike (probably not for the kids, but that's your decision). I don't remember ever laughing so much while watching a movie.

If you have yet to see the Deadpool movie, you really should go. No amount of words can describe just how awesome it is. For show times and tickets, check out the Deadpool Fandango page. The one spoiler I will give you, be sure to stay after the credits (yes, all of the credits) right after the list of songs used in the movie rolls, there is a little more Deadpool and he has an announcement.


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