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Deadpool Was My Valentine!

Yesterday I fell in love with Deadpool when I saw it in theaters. If there is one thing I wanted for Valentine’s Day, it was for Deadpool aka Wade Wilson to be my valentine. When we first met, I thought he was very good looking, but I didn’t know how to take him. As the movie progressed, he tugged at my heart strings when he was being brutally beaten and tortured in the chamber. I was on the verge of tears. This was only the first date! Every time he talked to the screen, I knew he was talking to me!

Little Things Matter

The credits in the beginning cracked me up because they were talking about how the directors were asshats and the writers were the real heroes. I could definitely get on board with that sentiment! When he introduced himself to the taxi driver, I noticed how he acted like James Bond and said, “Pool. Dead.”

Ryan Reynolds is the Perfect Casting Choice for Deadpool!

Ryan Reynolds nailed it as the anti-hero because he was basically playing himself. In real life, he has a self-depreciating humor and makes a joke out of everything, even cancer, one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Reynolds loves to crack jokes and be a smart ass and Deadpool is all of this in one. In every movie Reynolds has been in, he kills with his sarcasm and snarky comments. It was ironic how he was mocking Negasonic Teenage Warhead for being snarky when he is like that 24/7! I heard that actors who played superheroes had to pay for the suits. Ryan Reynolds refused to pay for Deadpool's suit and walked off the set with it on! Total Bad Ass!

Your Love Got Me Looking So Crazy Right Now!

Deadpool was a tragic love story just like Romeo and Juliet because he was basically willing to be tortured by insane scientists just to save his girl Vanessa from having to watch him die from cancer. How they met was pretty cool because she came off as this bad ass chick that you didn’t want to mess with. Both of them were crazy and hardcore lovers, which made the sex scenes between them pretty weird and uncomfortable to watch, especially with a room full of people.

Gore, Gore, and More Gore!

I have never seen so much blood in my life. It was pretty graphic with him slicing and dicing bad guys like they were pieces of meat. It was funny how he was asking everyone he killed, “Where’s Francois?” It reminded me of the movie, Kill Bill when she was killing all the targets and asking them, “Where is Bill?” I don’t want watch too many violent movies but it was awesome seeing him take the law into his own hands and administering justice Deadpool style! It was so hilarious to see Deadpool’s reaction when he finally found Francois and he missed his chance at killing him because he was talking to Colossus. He was a ninja assassin with his gun and I loved how he counted down his bullets as he destroyed the bad guys.

I enjoyed my Valentine’s Day date with Deadpool and I hope I didn’t make my boyfriend too jealous. I’m just happy that he got his revenge and was able to save his girlfriend Vanessa from the evil Francois. All in all, it was an amazing movie that was full of great comedy and action.


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