ByDavid H. O'Gara Jr, writer at
...awkeye movie. As long as doctor strange one is good then deff a second sr strange. Benedict cumberbatch is great in everything else hes in im sure he will be a great stephen strange. And of course iron man 4 because come on who doesnt want to see another RDJ iron man movie. I cant imagine him not playing iron man. Thor 4 also. Pretty much cant go wrong with any of the choices but im the type of person that if I like a movie I always want to see more. Also i love the first guardians of the galaxy as long as 2 is good id love to see a 3rd. Not excited about a hulk movie although i know the new hulk actor would do a much better job than the past 2. Spiderman im all set with im sick of the reboots. Captain america id like but i know chris evans wouldnt be captain america in it so not sure id like that I really hate actor changes For example i wish gran G. Would be playing the flash in the solo movie not a big fan of change So thats my opinion let me know what you guys think about it!

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