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As most people know, Sony pictures and Disney studios have made a deal: Spiderman and all his villains/characters are being shared. This is great news!

First Spiderman (Peter Parker) Is in the MCU, as most know he will be in civil war. Rumors have stated he has a large role in the movie, but we have yet to see him so who knows? He will be however in the MCU so you know... AWESOME!! This is also good because when the older actors decide to go off in there own paths they will have a new set of heroes to be in the New Avengers. Enough of this Peter Parker guy, what about Miles?

So how could it still happen? Well Sony still owns Spiderman too! Miles can be a spin off title of sorts. I think that is whats in the work to. That would be great, they could even crossover, if we erase that whole Peter dying story line. It could still be Ultimate Spiderman too just not Ultimate Universe Spiderman (Earth 1610.) Tell me what you think of this idea. What ideas did you have? Or do you think the other rumor is real and there will be two Spidermen in the MCU? Follow me for more articles, news, and box office info.


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