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If you have seen the first Zoolander, then you know that it was probably pretty dang funny. Even with its silly humor and the cringe-worthy stupidity of the main character, it held up quite well in the box office. Now will the second see the same kind of response as its predecessor?

Initial reaction

It's not nearly as well made as the first one. It still holds up its silly humor and stupidity, but its just not the same. The story tries to be too funny at times and tries to create unrealistic and exotic actions for the characters. Zoolander 2 is still a great movie by itself but the first one was far superior.

Should you watch it?

Yes! It was still a great movie! It definitely wasn't as good as the first one but it will still keep you laughing and will keep you quite entertained throughout the entire movie with returning and new characters!

Theater vs. at home

I would definitely just rent/buy Zoolander 2 when it comes out on Blu-ray/DVD because even though it was a great movie, it wasn't worth going out to the theaters. You might as well just buy it or rent it for your family and friends.

In conclusion

A short article but Zoolander 2 is definitely worth the watch. If you can wait till Blu-ray/DVD then I think that's the best route, but either way it's still a great movie! 7/10!


You choose.


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