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All Monsters Are Human.
Zach Enos

The Final Destination franchise is known to have loads of crazy, gory deaths that look realistic yet at the same time look too crazy to be true. Think any of them can happen to you? Well, you're in luck! I have compiled a list of rules for you to follow if you would like to survive any Final Destination film.

1. Do not go on airplanes.

2. Do not hang a clothesline in the bathtub.

3. Do not cross the street without looking both ways.

4. Do not drink near computers or reach for a towel that is clearly on top of knives.

5. Do not stand near moving trains.

6. Do not stand near neon signs in Paris.

7. Do not go on highways or just stay clear of trucks holding logs.

8. Do not heat up Chinese food in the microwave. If you do, do not use the fire escape.

9. Do not scare pigeons near construction sites.

10. Do not be in an elevator with a man that has hooks. Or just take the stairs, much easier.

11. Do not sit in a car with airbags when someone is drilling your door.

12. Do not stand near barbed-wire fences when vans explode.

13. Do not have a hospital room that includes oxygen tanks.

14. Do not barbecue.

15. Do not ride roller coasters. Try something less intense like tea cups.

16. Do not go tanning.

17. Do not go in a fast food drive thru.

18. Do not lift weights.

19. Do not work in a hardware store.

20. Do not go to a town festival that involve fireworks.

21. Do not stand near tall signs.

22. Do not take the subway.

23. Do not go to racing events.

24. Do not drive a tow truck.

25. Do not go to a salon or just don't be near lawn mowers.

26. Do not work in a garage.

27. Do not use car washes.

28. Do not go to public pools.

29. Do not have a hospital room below a patient taking a bath.

30. Do not go see 3D movies.

31. Do not use escalators.

32. Do not have coffee near construction.

33. Do not drive across bridges.

34. Do not perform gymnastics.

35. Do not receive massages. AND DO NOT INSULT BUDDHA!

36. Do not get laser eye surgery.

37. Do not argue with your boss.

38. Do not stand near flying wrenches.

39. Do not try to kill your best friend's girlfriend.

40. Do not go to bars after surviving death. Drinking your worries away never seems to work.

DO: Stay in your room all alone in the dark with no electricity, no windows, and no communication with the outside world. But hey, that probably won't even work. Good luck victims!


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