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Let me just start by saying how shocked I am by tonight's episode. Lets start by saying this is what we've all been looking forward to. Right from the beginning it was a catcher. The directors have stepped their game up. Lets start shall we?

Lets start with Negan. I thought this guy was going to for sure kill Daryl, Abraham and Sasha, but of course he didn't. At first I thought that one of the guys from Negan's group was going to kill Daryl behind the truck , but I should of known Daryl wasn't going to die. I mean come on that dude has been in worse situations that he hasn't died yet. When all those motorcycles blew up I thought that maybe just somehow Daryl blew them up in the woods, but I total forgot they had all those weapons. Great job on Daryl's part.

Rick, Carl, Michonne, Father Gabriel, Jessie, Sam and Ron were walking through the hoard of walkers with walker guts and blood on them. It worked once, so I don't blame them for doing it again. When they got to the lake I was in shock that Rick was going to give baby Judith to Father Gabriel. In all honesty I don't trust the man. I think he has a dark side to him. Granted he's a priest, but that don't mean shit anymore. Sam should of went with Father Gabriel, but I am glad he didn't because he could of gotten all three of them killed. Since the very beginning I had a feeling Sam was going to get everyone killed, but you know what. He did. Well at least his mom and himself. Now lets talk about this. Sam got way to caught up in his head. He kept going back to what Carol said. How the monsters will eat you while your alive. Now see if Carol didn't say nothing like that to him then he would of been fine, but he just had to get caught up in his head. I know what Jessie might of felt. Losing her son and watching him die but now she's with him and at least Sam can't cause anymore trouble.

Rick was heart broken when he had to watch Jessie get bitten. I felt bad for him. He tried to love again after Lori and that didn't go so well. He just needs to give up the fact that you can't love someone in this world. Granted Maggie and Glen got lucky but still their are risks everyday, you don't know whose going to die next. Rick had to go back and think in his mind of Jessie and right at that moment was the worse timing of it all. You have Carl trying to talk to his dad while keeping his voice low so the walkers didn't come after him trying to tell him that he cant get Jessie off of him. When that ax came swinging down I for sure thought he was going to hit Carl's wrist but thank god he didn't. Jessie and Rick would of been perfect for each other but things are just too good to be true in this show. I mean you have Ron who wants Carl dead because of what Rick did to his dad.

The most intense moment of the show. Of course Carl had a gun on him and he fell. Of course the gun falls on the ground and Ron picks it up and thinks this is his chance to actually kill Carl, but nope. Michonne is right behind him thank god. As soon as Michonne puts that sword through his back he shoots. Not only is Ron dead, but Ron shot Carl in the eye. Rick thinks everything's good until Carl turns around and notices Carl has been shot in the eye. As soon as Carl falls Rick sweeps him up and rushes him to the infirmary. As soon as he gets back to the infirmary Rick walks out the front door in rage. His son just got shot in the eye. How else does he handle it other than killing off walkers. Rick is by himself out there fighting them and Michonne sees him and realizes she needs to get out there and help him. As her and Rick fight off some walkers more people from Alexandria jump in to help fight off the walkers. Rick's anger helped Alexandria fight off the walkers.

At the end of the episode Rick is sitting by Carl's bedside yet again. Just like in season two when Carl got shot in the chest, but this time he's shot in the eye. At the end Rick tells Carl:

"Everything Deanna was talking about is possible. Its all possible. I see that now. When I was out there with them, when it was over, when i knew we had this place again, i had this feeling. It took me a while to remember what it was because i haven't felt it before i woke up and lost it all away. i want to show you the new world Carl. I want to make it a reality for you. Let me show you."

As soon as Rick said that Carl closed his hand on Rick's hand. Right there was a miracle. Somehow Carl survived the bullet in his eye, but lets hope that its not going to get an infection or walker blood in it cause it would really suck if he were to die.

At the ending you see Daryl back the gasoline truck up to the river which is in Alexandria. He puts the fuel hose into the lake and pours it out. Smart idea Daryl. He then lights it on fire. Of course the walkers are going to burn. I have no idea what their going to do about the water situation since now they can't drink it, but i am sure their not worried about that right now.

In the end our normal gang survives like always. Well just about always. But lets look back on who we lost tonight:


Alexandra Breckenridge
Alexandra Breckenridge


Major Dodson
Major Dodson


Austin Abrams
Austin Abrams

Negan's Gang

Alpha Wolf

Benedict Samuel
Benedict Samuel


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