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Deadpool Hey yay I'm on a Shoot baby!!!

watta a movie

The oly movie I've seen which didn't bore me a second...I seriously don't mind using abusive words like "f*ck tis movie deserves an academy award :-P " MF tis move is way more awesome than ever expected even wit thoes sadistic cuts frm the Indian censorboard tis movie still rocks

Thoes goddamn EasterEggs,One-liners,Dip-shit Actions nd The cameo's tis movie is simply epic nd I really hate to say tis...I wish I Neva mention tis again "Deadpool is way cooler than IronMan" (My heart really skipped a beat) Forget wat U jus read :-p

The high points of this move its the whole damn F*ckng movie itself ryte frm the Hilariously cool Opening Credits to the End Credits tis movie suffers no loss( except fr the stupid cuts) nd nt to forget the 4th wall nd 16th wall brks Ryan Reynolds proves everything u thought abt GreenLantern Wrong..FoxStudios aft its bankrupt loss due to Fantastic 4 comes up wit the bst ever Comeback...Nd thoes chicks who wer @ the screening 2day massive respect to u guys...u really r my type!!! wish I could find sm1 like dem by next Feb14(practically impossible).....Tis movie deserves its R-Rating every bit( if u knw wat I mean)

This was the bst ever Valentines Day of my life...even if I had a gf I wouldn't be as happy as I'm nw nd I'm really worried abt my little bro who due to my influence is eagerly waiting to watch tis( I knw tats way too much wrong)

Anyhw on a whole tis day was epic fun-filld,mainstream rockng !!!

The name's Wade Wilson remember it...nxt stp "DawnOfJustice"

Don't miss this movie folks... trust me its worth every penny....

Signing off fr nw- Me

Deadpool I'm deeply in Luv wit U


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