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as cute as it was in the books and movies to have them together, even the author herself said that Ron and Granger should not have been together. lets look at the facts here. Hermione is EXTREMELY talented, headstrong, and incredibly smart for her age and time. she figured things out in Chamber before anyone else and new that both Harry and Ron would be close behind her once she had enough clues to give them (despite her petrification). Harry very quickly had enough smarts to know "hold on a tick, somethings not right, and if i see this giant freaking snake, i need to shut my eyes before i become dead by looking at its eyes." Ron is very valiant in the whole "self-sacrifice for friends" area, but thinking on his feet? very VERY few moments that even surprise Hermione on his thinking. would they get along for their kids as adults? yes. would they still love each other on some level? yes. but as far as long-term lets-get-help-and-sort-this-out.....Ron would give up. even without the horcrux being on him he was still very ticked off at Harry and Granger because they 1, appeared to be growing closer (even though that wasn't the case) 2, were figuring clues out without him and 3, they knew that even if they asked his opinion he would sit there like a pouting child with his arms crossed and be extremely defensive in the whole "why the hell are you asking me? i'm the bloody dummy compared to either of you."
i have no doubt that he loves her and no doubt that she loves him. but their individual smarts are in two totally different planes of existence and being together would be like trying to make water and hydrophobic sand mix. it just ain't gonna happen. that's where the rub is always going to be. that doesn't mean some couples aren't willing to put up with other's BS and get through it, but the specific personalities of those two wouldn't allow it. Hermione would try and try to fix it until she keeled over from a heart-attack and Ron would be feeling like a failure the entire time, pouting, getting ungodly loud and frustrated while trying to figure out exactly what's wrong with HIM (not necessarily the relationship) and why HE is causing issues (when that's not the case at all). some relationships just don't work.
losing his wife would send him into a tailspin of thinking he's a good-for-nothing loser and failure and would shove him into a 'why bother getting a job if i'm just going to suck at life' mode.
that's just my opinion, pardon the spelling and grammar errors. been a while since i wrote anything.


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