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The previous episode of [The Walking Dead](tag:201193) was pretty hectic, very hectic in fact. Never have I screamed and yelled so much at my TV, but how in the world are they going to top it? Here are my predictions and what we can expect from the next seven episodes of The Walking Dead season 6.

1. Even More Big Deaths

Evident from the premiere alone, where three big characters were killed within seconds of each other. We can only expect more and more of these big deaths, thinning out the community that remains so large. You can see who I predicted will be walker meat by the end of the season here.

2. Heaps Of New Characters

With the introduction of Negan's gang and survivors being found left and right among the Georgia forest, we can expect a bundle of new characters being introduced in the rest of this season. Even one or two that will stick around for a while - in particular Paul 'Jesus' Monroe who's appearance has been hinted at ever since he was cast (pictured above).

Usually new characters come and go, being killed off within a few episodes, but with the casting of more and more key comic book characters, some of these guys are destined to be with the gang for a while.

3. More Gruesome Than Ever

While this promise has been given to fans countless times before, I feel like this time, they are really going to deliver in the sense of both walker and survivor. With Carl's now hollowed out eye socket shocking fans across the world, we can only expect more shock moments like these.

4. Even More Decay On The Walkers

It's been rather fascinating to watch the walkers in the show develop from the first few episodes, where there were slivers of brain function left and the majority of their body was in tact, to now where they are literally just walking flesh and bone. But as the years have passed, the flesh has begun to finally fall off the roamers, making them weaker than ever. I think that we can expect to see even more difficultly handling the now very different walkers.

5. Tension Between The Original Gang

By the original gang I mean Rick, Daryl, Carl and Glenn. Eye don't think we will be seeing much of Carl in action for the rest of the season and Glenn has his own family and connections now and doesn't 'hang out' with the original gang as much anymore. So that leaves Daryl and Rick and while the two do seem to be the bromance of the show, I think there may be trouble in paradise judging from this quote from showrunner Scott Gimple:

[Daryl] was one of the people going out to find more people and he told Rick, ‘We should keep doing this,’ and Rick disagreed. The experience he had in the forest, with Tina and 'not-Dwight' — that really affected him. He came away from that feeling like a sucker; like he would have been safer to not befriend them, which is the opposite of everything he'd learned at the end of last season. He's still carrying that. He fought along with everyone else in Alexandria to win it back but he didn't have the same experience that Rick did; he had opposite. He had an experience that drove him to feel less good about people and strangers. He's on a bit of a different and darker track than Rick.

Yikes. With the next episode focusing on a scavenger run between the two, will the troubles begin to arise within the second episode? Only time will tell.

6. Rick Dealing With A Lot... Again

Man this guy just can't catch a break! Who would have thought, its not like its the apocalypse or anything. But in the previous episode he lost his new girlfriend, the protection of the walls, his only family member left potentially dying and his whole community almost faced with total wipe out. The episodes to come will surely touch on the amount of stress he is under, so let's just all hope moody, angry Rick isn't back for too long.

7. Oh, And Did I Meaning Motherf*cking Negan?!

By now everyone should be aware of Negan, if not, he is basically every villain we have seen before amped up by 1000. He is crude, careless and is the worst of the worst. He is the biggest threat in the show and has already been mentioned by his gang. But what exactly is he going to do? Pretty much everything I have explained above!

It is predicted that he is going to kill off a major character, tear the group apart and have some of the most gruesome kills yet. I expect to see him first appear in the season finale. One thing is for sure though, when he does appear he is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with.

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