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Alesha Gilliam

All right since The Hateful 8 won tonight Golden Globes for best film score, it's only fair that I do my movie review on it. Even though it came out at the end of December most people are so busy with StarWars they may have forgotten about it. I will give this movie one thumb up and one thump down. Visually the movie didn't disappoint. The way Quentin Tarantino filmed it was perfect for the genre that it was in. Just looking at certain scenes made me feel like I was there. The acting didn't disappoint and along with the script. The reason I gave it one thump down was because I was little confused at the end of the movie. The beginning took way to long to get to the point. I think if the movie cut down in the beginning it would have been less confusing. However I would for sure see it.


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